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Wall of Text

Since this is going to be a wall of text, why are you here?

 *chases you readers away*

Alright, here comes the great wall of text which is going to be about... well, my home.

Without further ado...

Let us enter the derelict ramshackle of a place.

Turning to our left, we see... cobweb-covered and dust-coated furniture.

All of a sudden, you hear the whirr of a fan. As you turn to its direction, you are greeted by broken-down electronics. Looks like the previous occupant was an undeground hacker.

You also wonder what in the world a guitar is doing next to those strange equipment. Perhaps it's not just an ordinary guitar. But anyway, you continue left...

There's a television... but wait... something else catches your eye!

What might this bizarre looking piece of metal be? Something looking like a strange remote control is placed next to it. Heck, it's best not to play with it just in case it's a trap...

A poorly-lit room resembling a kitchen is on your right. Rags are hanging from some sticks. The rags are all torn and tattered. You try turning the tap, only to hear some squeaking and gurgling. Disgusted, you turn back to where you came from.

Whoever inhabited this room was probably the head of the group of past occupants. The bed is pretty big. 

Apparently you're at the resting place of this den. Place is crowded with 2 beds. Probably illegal immigrants, you think.

Voodoo dolls! The shelf is full of them! Minatures of all sorts of people, some of which you know are now deceased. So you've found the culprit! You open the cupboard nearby and gasp in horror as it is also filled with hundreds of them! Horrified, you leave the room.

This room looks pretty ordinary, other than the fact that it seems to have been left untouched for years... On the desk is some strange screen. You shudder.


On one of the shelves in the same room, you come across boxes and boxes of witchcraft-related content. There are pictures of demons and ghosts on quite a few of them. Really a bad idea to touch any of them.


Turning a little more to your right, you see 3 structures. They look familiar, but you don't recall any of them. Maybe this place is cursed, and its effects are building on you!

You hear the sound of approaching footsteps. Not wishing to be caught, you immediately take off, and outside the door you see only one possible path to take - the one to the road.

But suddenly, for an instant, everything goes fizzy. And then back to normal again. Probably just your imagination. 

Everything seems ghastly white and over-brightened. Guess what? You can't feel yourself now. You've become a victim youself.