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This blog is about YOU

No, I lied. This blog is about me again. :|

Cheer up... after all, most, if not all, of my blog entries are about me. :|

Let's begin talking about me. >>

Tomorrow signals the start of the new semester in school, and it looks like my schedule is packed even tighter now - school ends at either 5 or 6pm every week day. And I'm supposed to take up another co-curricular activity- so much for free time.

Before the holidays started, I already had a long to-do list waiting to be cleared - consisting mostly of completing games, programming and studying. Unfortunately, I didn't quite finish what I set out to do at all - not even 50% in my opinion... >>

Let's see why:

Gaming Goals:

  • Complete Command & Conquer 3 - DONE
  • Complete Supreme Commander - DONE
  • Complete Starcraft - DONE
  • Complete Starcraft: Brood War - DONE
  • Complete Diablo (including Spawn) - DONE
  • Complete Neverwinter Nights 2 - INCOMPLETE
  • Complete Bioshock - INCOMPLETE
  • Complete Half Life 2 Episode 1 - DONE
  • Complete Half Life 2 Episode 2 - NOT EVEN STARTED!
  • Complete Portal - DONE
  • Complete World in Conflict - NOT EVEN STARTED
  • Complete Ninja Gaiden Sigma- INCOMPLETE

Programming Goals

  • Update all programming tools - DONE
  • Complete website design - DONE
  • Complete website structure plans- DONE
  • Complete website authentication system- DONE
  • Complete website polling system - NOT EVEN STARTED
  • Complete website PM system - NOT EVEN STARTED
  • Complete website administration pages - NOT EVEN STARTED

Studying Goals

  • Complete studying the syllabus for the entire semester in advance - INCOMPLETE
  • Complete refreshing myself with Visual Basic (I hate this language > >) - INCOMPLETE
  • Complete learning Adobe Illustrator CS3 (I suck at this > >) - NOT EVEN STARTED
  • Complete online assessment in advance - NOT EVEN STARTED
  • Complete refreshing myself with various networking technologies - INCOMPLETE

Other Goals

  • Make 5 signatures - DONE
  • Make 5 drawgins - INCOMPLETE
  • Make a new profile banner - NOT EVEN STARTED
  • Learn 5 new songs (on guitar) - INCOMPLETE
  • Compose 5 poems - INCOMPLETE
  • Lose 10kg > > Don't ask - INCOMPLETE
  • Rectify computer network problems - DONE
  • Make new data backups - DONE
  • Get handphone repaired - NOT EVEN STARTED
  • Get... someone back > > - What do you think?

Ok that's enough lists for today. >>

I really didn't complete a lot of goals... > > And... I'm not posting as much in GS again... or at least in RC... for one reason > > Don't think anyone knows >>


By the way, before I move on, does any one agree with me that the credits song for Portal is happy yet sad, full of irony and satire and contains quite a lot of subliminal messages? Go search for the lyrics if you must, I will not post them here so as not to spoil the game. Looks like I really am addicted to the song (I have listened to itfor more than ahundred times in the span of 24 hours? Maybe less?)- it's a break from my usual cl4ssical and death metal music...

But I really wonder about the messages behind the song...


Now for part 2.

I believe most of you know I have this tendency to give misleading names when it comes to blog titles... Say, for example, the 'Wall of Text', 'Episode III' and some other advertising gimmick. On the other hand, some are really direct - say 'Where are you?' and that entry concerning the bankruptcy issue. Keeping in line with that tradition, this blog will do both! :o

I have already typed quite a bit about things concerning me, so I'm done making it a misnomer. But to make it also true, well - obviously I have to write something about YOU, the reader of my blog.

Seriously, I notice that most blogs people write are about themselves (including mine) and I thought that it's time to give readers some consideration. After all - who's obliged to read, let alone comment, in one's blog? Especially if that blog is about you and not that reader thousands of miles away who has absolutely nothing to do with you in real life or not.

Let's start - I realise I don't know even the names of some people here - sure of course I remember Justin, Craig, Andi, David, etc. But some posters - even regular ones - I don't know a thing about them other than 1) usernames, 2) if they post in OT. :|

I think it's time to change that. I shouldn't be so self-centered - I should get to know my blog readers and friends - of course not only by name :| But any information they'd like to share... Say for instance, their likes and dislikes, location (I messed up the states of a lot of people > >)... habits... anything to do with them. If you want, you can think of it as a re-introduction... a more in depth one?

If you're really clueless as what to share... well, here are some suggestions:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Hobbies
  • 5-10 adjectives to describe yourself?

Of course, if you'd prefer to keep certain information private - I respect that decision. :) But I do hope to know you people better...

Go ahead, what are you waiting for? :P

EDIT: Please tell me if I haven't been commenting in your blog... apparently quite a few of your blogs don't show up in my updates... I apologise if I've missed them