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The truth is faux

First and foremost, my apologies to all for not reading or commenting in many of your blogs in the last two weeks or so. The only reasons I can give are pretty much excuses, but in the end it's really just my preoccupation with school and my lack of interest in GameSpot. :( Maybe you people should try to get my interest level up and running again... :D

In case any of you are curious, I'm currently in a course for Multimedia and Infocomm Technology (basically a branch of IT) in Nanyang Polytechnic. In the first week, there was a lot of tension between me and the c.lass because I did not get along well with them, but things seem to have improved since. Although well, I still prefer to be alone at times.

Oh yes, while I'm still at this - it's pretty curious that you GSers are more keen in getting the c.lass contact timetable and contact information than the c.lass itself. Yeah, those on my WLM (WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER I DO NOT WANT TO REPEAT THIS AGAIN) contact list, you know who you are. Since all those who asked were males, I guess they're looking for... 'stalkees' >>

@jake, Canuck, slinky I may have something of interest for you people...PM/IM me about it if you are curious. But there is one condition - Stop saying that I like someone here. You know who I'm referring to. > > And if I see so much as that person's name > > you can pretty much forget it > >.

WARNING: Long read

But I think most of you already know that my blogs tend to be long - maybe you'll just read some of it... maybe you will read all - well, I don't know... but, it's up to you really.

Now, about the title of this blog.

It is a reference to people's stands when it comes to honesty, or, simply put - lying and putting up fronts.

Everyone knows it is generally wrong to lie - but when it comes to white lies - people are divided. Some people say it's acceptable because you're not spoiling others' moods, while others argue that a white lie is a lie nonetheless and is wrong.

A few of you know I have Asperger's Syndrome... so I find it difficult to lie even if it is at the expense of the feelings of others. But, my thoughts are... why lie? You're not doing any good to yourself, and you're not doing any good to the person(s) you lie to, when they find out it's all a mask. It's probably worse if the person can tell you are lying... and it might cause relationships to get strained.

Imagine that you are in the intensive-care unit of a hospital and have been there for a number of days. You do not feel like you are recovering at all. Would you believe your family members if they say you'll be fine? Or would you rather ask for the truth - even if it means knowing that you will die? I mean, if you're going to pass, you probably want to make some arrangements or ammendments... I don't know what exactly what you will do, but you get the general idea. Furthermore, I doubt your mind will be at rest if you keep worrying if you are being told the truth - and if you do pass, you probably won't do so in peace either. Does any of that sound like what you want? Why lie then?

Now for another scenario. Imagine you have completed a piece of work - be it an essay, poem, signature, drawing, or whatever else. You are not entirely proud of it - you think you could've done better in some areas. But anyway, you still put it up somewhere for people to comment on it. Would you prefer people to all go 'wow', 'amazing', and the like? Or would you rather have their honest comments? Yeah some comments are going to be very harsh, but then, that's reality isn't it? Would you prefer a few genuine 'you could work on so and so' or numerous praises, all faux?

Some of you may face the same thing - you find yourself giving a lot of 'false comments' You probably are bugged about it by your conscience at times, but you assure yourself by saying it's the best thing you can do. My question is, is it really the best?

I've read a lot of blogs too in my entire GS life, so the above has to be true - especially when word gets to me that certain users don't get along with certain other users. I find it ironic and hypocritical that in many cases, both parties know that they dislike each other - but in blogs or threads - they are all '^_^' ':D' 'hugs' 'cookies for you' and all. In private conversations without the other party - they will be badmouthing the others and everyone will be in agreement. Maybe some agree just to be accepted - and I pity the other party who believes that that person is a friend to him/her.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you:

The true faux. Or the faux truth.