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Left and Right

Alright... I got my results for the current semester. [spoiler] Personal Development - A Computer Organization & System - Distinction Digital Media Design - Distinction Object-Oriented Programming - Distinction Database Fundamentals - Distinction Computing Mathematics | - Distinction Communication Skills I - Distinction Object-Oriented Programming Project - A [/spoiler] Hope I'm not seen as bragging about my results... > > In all seriousness, right now I'm in a fix on how to get my classmates to relax about their results... which aren't exactly what they hoped for. I believe some of you know I have Asperger's - that already makes it harder for me to comfort them without seeming offensive and arrogant... In fact right now I tend to avoid speaking to most of them for the fear of giving them the impression of either... or even worse - both. I myself find it hard most of the time to 'feel' with or for people... or when I do feel... I find it hard to convey it. Say for example if a friend is having his birthday - do I just say 'Happy Birthday! :D ^ ^' and stuff like that? To me it seems very... common and shallow - well if the other party feels it - good, but if it comes across as one of those 'congratulating for the sake of congratulating' messages - what's the point in it? In that case - maybe you're better off not even wishing a thing. The same goes for others' misfortunes. If something not so nice happens to someone - I often find myself in a quandary how to help them out... or console them or whatever. I say, in the end it comes up to how much you can phrase your words in ways that will be interpreted as intended. But sometimes, that is hard too. One example: Your classmate seems to be struggling in homework. Do you offer your help? Given that if you do, there's a chance he rejects it and says that you're being arrogant - belittling him as though he is helpless and can't help himself. If you don't, there's a chance he ends up saying you're selfish for not offering your help and simply watching as he struggles by himself. What would you do? Note: that situation has happened to me before... and yes I've done both and got both results. Tell me - what am I to do? > > Thanks a lot.