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Everyone's Level 0!

GlitchSpot has done it again... I noticed that my friends appeared as level 0 in their blogs... and then checked mine... apparently I'm level 0 too.

Calls for a blog post.

Apparently as well.. I've added quite a few friends on Windows Live Messenger... Oh and don't add me using the email address on my profile... it's dead.

'Banned' off RC for a day... and a screenshot

Can you believe it? I actually am prevented from posting in the Roll Call thread in the Off Topic discussion board today just because I exceeded the 100-post-per-thread limit. I think that it's a dumb rule and that they should remove that rule, at least on stickied topics because it annoys people who stay on the forums for long times like me.

That is a shot of the forums I've managed to get... all pencil marks and red indicating there are no new messages and that I've replied to all of them (where possible). What do you think?

Level 19 - Gitaroo Man

I managed to level up from level 18 to level 19 in 3 days... thanks to GlitchSpot... but unfortunately... the real glitch will be on level 20... crap it sounds bad with a max of 2% experience each day. Thoughts?

5 Months of Holidays!

I haven't updated in quite a long time - partially due to exams, but I guess those in the OT forums should know that the examinations are over and now I'm on holiday... for 5 frigging long months.

Preliminary Examination Performance

English - 73 or A2
Mathematics - 86 or A1
Additional Mathematics - 73 or A2
Physics - 64 or B4
Chemistry - 65 or B3
Literature - 80 or A1
Elective History - 75 or A1

Generally I'm pretty happy with the results, except for the science subjects which I feel I could've done better on, as well as English and perhaps Additional Mathematics. Why? Really because when I checked the papers, I realised that I made quite a lot of careless mistakes - usually enough to pull me up one grade higher. Oh well I just hope I'll do better for the actual O levels...

O Levels

Pretty easy overall, I think I might be able to get 6 points for my L1R5 (standing for Language 1 Relevant Subjects 5... basically the total of the numbers next to the grades... for 6 subjects). I must say that I'm kind of worried for the Elective History paper though, since the source-based questions were screwed up. Argh never mind.


Enough about examinations... I think it's time to focus on the 5 months of holidays I've got! Well... it's long so I'm planning on occupying myself with programming, studies... and of course the usual gaming. I'm planning to get the PS3 once it arrives here in Singapore...but it'll make me almost bankrupt. Never mind though, I think I can live with that.

Right now, I'm kind of bored... so I'll stick longer in the forums. Oh yes, Happy Thanksgiving you guys in America. :)

Back from hospital

In case anyone was wondering, I was absent for 14-15 days due to my hospitalisation. I only got discharged the day before but there were examinations... so I did not spend much time in the forums here. In any case, my prelim examinations are over - and I am back again!

Post a Screenshot of Your Desktop Thread!

A personal appeal to all my friends and those who are reading this blog - do me a favor and post in that thread ^ ^. I am going off to study now, hope that when I return I will see around 5-6 pages in that thread. Hopefully it'll be on the frontpage of the OT forums as well.

Thanks for the favor if you do post!

A Mix of Good and Bad

Do you want to read the good or bad news first?

If you would rather know the good news first, scroll down until you find the bar indicating the end of the bad news. If you want to read the bad news first, proceed:


I screwed up my chemistry practical examination by not reading the instructions. I identified the gas evolved as carbon dioxide when it was actually hydrogen, which is rather careless in my opinion. This cost me to lose 2 out of the total 35 marks which could've been avoided otherwise. Also, I got rather queer readings for the physical chemistry component of the paper, and that cost me another 2 marks. Therefore, I lost 4 marks in total for that paper.

Next, I screwed up my English situational writing component in Paper 1. I placed the date for the memo in the wrong place and also forgot to name some 'theme' for some community service crap. This cost me 3 marks. Great.

Now for the big one. I COMPLETELY SCREWED UP the physics practical today. I lost an estimated 10-15 marks, which is about 1/3-1/2 the total marks. Now, you might be wondering how in the world I lost that large amount of marks.

  1. The values I tabulated for some VERY strange pendulum experiment were wrong and I had to 'fake' all the values in order to get a straight line graph. I didn't have enough time to complete 'faking' all the values, so...
  2. For the optics experiment, I erased all my diagrams and only redrew it halfway. That's 5-7 marks gone.
  3. I did not have the time to finish the rest of the paper, which is supposedly easy - finding gradients, doing one equation, and yeah.

That's about it.


Now for the good news. I got my Tagger Maker emblem, uploaded quite a few videos (4 in total so far) and got myself quite a number of friends. I hope I'll be able to get my Convival user emblem today. Speaking of which, why haven't I got my Public Access emblem for successfully posting user videos? According to the guide in the Newbies Board, posting 4 should be enough. I ha've posted 4, so where is my emblem? :(

I'm going to try upload a few more videos right now - hope you all enjoy them. Oh yes - POST COMMENTS FOR !@#$ SAKE! ONLY 2 PEOPLE HAVE POSTED COMMENTS!!! WHAT ABOUT THE REST?

Before I get flamed for being some immature person, I will quit my whining and complaining. The last part of today's post - Robot Wars Poll!

Panic Attack

This one packs a hell of a punch. In Series 3 or 4, it crushed the innards of Dead Metal, the house robot, and sparks could be seen flying out. The spikes actually pierced through the exo-skeleton of the robot, cool huh?


Yeah I know it's a house robot, but that's it. House robot versus a house robot killer. One interesting fact - Shunt's axe weapon is capable of delivering pressures of 300kg/cm². That is equivalent to having the weight of one car split into a pair of shoes. Now, that's really an OUCH!

So which is it?


I do not know exactly what it is that has come upon me and made me feel unmotivated to do any study. My written papers are about 3 days away yet I have not done much (in my opinion that is). This guilt has reached a level high enough now - I'm DEFINITELY going to finish compiling my notes once I'm done with this blog post for today.

Firstly, I finally got my Neighborly user emblem. Yay! I'm hoping to get the Convival one soon - 21 friends is the requirement I heard. I also am trying to look for videos to post and get as many of those user-video user emblems as possible. My goal is to get all of them by the end of this year.

Next, for the chemistry practical examination - I confirmed that I lost 4 marks... all to carelessness. I didn't read the question and foolishly put in the test for gas as carbon dioxide when it should've been hydrogen. Metal + acid -> hydrogen + salt, ah I should've used some theory there. Then for the physical chemistry portion, I got too low a temperature rise (2 deg celsius) which is definitely wrong too. Bah. Never mind though, it seems that I've got the rest correct. :)

As I'm a fan of the now non-existent Robot Wars series, I have decided to post some pictures of some competitors and see which is more popular. (Sorry CrystalFox for copying your character battle idea.)


Chaos 2

So is it Razer with its menacing claw able to crush 2cm thick of steel or Chaos 2, the 2 times series champion with its powerful flipper exerting 1 tonne of force? Razer is known to have severely damaged Matilda, while Chaos 2 flipped Sgt. Bash over once so bad that its flamethrower got dis-attached. The latter is also known to have flipped one or two robots completely out of the arena. Now, which do you think will win?

Macs are Bad for Gaming


I don't know what I am doing here posting and blogging when there is a chemistry practical examination just 2.5 hours away. Anyway, I finally managed to post my first user video :) on why you should not use Macs, especially if you're gamer. It's pretty interesting and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Yes, I'm still largely anti-Apple. Make that completely anti-Apple.

I'm going to study now. Hope you people enjoy the video - I will be back soon to blog a bit more. Oh, and I wonder why I still have not got my Neighborly user emblem despite having 12 friends. Does anyone know why?