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9 Days

Great. Just... great.

I have 9 days left here on GS before I leave.


Well, by right I shouldn't be telling you this, since it's supposed to be a private family affair.

Let's just say that all the while my father has owed like 5-6 banks 5 digit sums. He couldn't pay off his debts, so the interest adds on and on for years... Last year he got sued by one of those banks to be precise, Standard Chartered, with whom he has a debt of aprox S$40 000 (US$22 500 aprox) and has been declared bankrupt. The creditors have also went to the court to declare seizure of property (ordinary procedure when someone is declared bankrupt) and well... they took stock of like everything in the house.

Oh. How did he accumlate such a debt of close to S$100 000? He bought a lot of stuff on credit. He treated all his 'pals' to drinks and gifts every night. All for his pride. Ridiculous thing is he never gave a single cent to the family.

I thought they had forgot about it... but apparently no they didn't. In fact they're going to seize all those stuff... including my computer which I paid for with my own money (WTF they rejected my claim) and well... poof the house is going to be empty.

When they're going to do it? Feburary 7th.

So... well... I guess I won't be able to celebrate my birthday here, which falls on the 9th of Feburary (terribly sorry MoonFoxx)... and I'll probably have to forward my 10k post party.

I don't want to leave. But I have to.

I'll miss you guys and girls... Man... ... So well, feel free to PM/IM or email or contact me within this 9 days (including today) with whatever messages/queries... because after that I'm a goner.

Proof for those who think this is fake:

I can send you the full-size version via WLM if you want. > >

Congratulations! You just won a prize! Click here to receive it!

Hah! The title got you didn't it? :P

This blog is dedicated to the people of GameSpot that I've come to know in the space of the recent months... Basically it's my version of the OTcars... with a twist.

I know quite a few people who find the OTcars boring, because it's usually the same people winning the same awards. What's the fun in that right?

So basically... here's how it goes:

You post the username... and I'll try my best to give the person an unique award. No plain old boring 'best user', 'nicest user', 'best blog', etc. I'll try to give unique titles... based on my impressions of that user.

As a bonus, I'll give YOU YOUR award. :P

So my blog title isn't a misnomer after all ;)

Subconscious anxiety?

  I just uploaded a video here of me (yes me) playing the second half of Eruption by Van Halen... And not surprisingly, I screwed up, like I always do...

Without further ado... the disastrous video:


I screwed the end VERY badly... > > and well, I notice this sort of mistakes always happen when I try to record myself playing any song/solo... And if I just switch off the microphone/camera I play it perfectly again...

Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?

*flame shield up*

Ever thought of this?

  First off, I took a day's break from GameSpot, trying to cool down after I took two users' comments critically... but no this blog is not about that.

  This blog is about humans and their 'justice''.

  If any of you recall, I suffer from a lemtan (unscramble yourself :P or check a previous blog post to find out) illness... personally I do not find it an illness or any sort... in fact I think it enlightens me, in a dark way though.

  I realised certain things... like how right and wrong might just be the other way round. Take the following few examples and maybe you might get it:

  Humans inflict pain on themselves... for anything and everything and sometimes even nothing. :| We discipline our children and sometimes even others if we think they are misbehaving. We execute people for commiting crimes. We liberate other countries citing that they have been oppressed... and this reasons are reasonable to us.

  Imagine now that you're a monkey or some other animal...

  Humans abuse their own children and sometimes even others when they think they are misbehaving... when they can always do it another way. Humans murder their own for commiting crimes against their own. Humans massacre their own to boast to others their superiority. All this is inhuman to us.

  We tend to condemn certain sides in wars, for instance the Germans  in WW2. Since their leader commited suicide, we just arrested other leading officers, put them on trial before executing them.

  Do you think that those officers believe they were right in what they were doing? Of course! Otherwise they wouldn't have done what they did right? Pretend you're one of them now. How would you feel being punished for trying to glorify your own country? Why aren't the Allies punished? Just simply because that they won this war?

  Now, in your scariest nightmares possible, imagine that you're a demon. Do you corrupt/wreck havoc because you're wrong and you wrong means doing that? Or do you think you're fighting for the right side? Only reason why people have a negative impression of you is because whoever is up there was victorious in kicking you all the way down into hell and has brainwashed the human population?

  My question now is right really right or wrong really wrong? Maybe we're all just deluded. Maybe we're just like the Germans. Maybe we're brainwashed too, in a different sense. Or maybe there's no absolute right or wrong.

As a closing statement, I'll take one of my old personal messages on WLM.

Said the demon to the angel 'Art thou any more righteous whenst thee piercest thy sword into my body?'

Worst Blog Post Ever!

  Posting this is probably the biggest mistake of my life here in GameSpot... never mind, comment away...

  Guess it's time for an image post to make this blog more attractive... hopefully...


  Yes that's me in the photo... I'm bracing myself now... *prepares flame shield and criticism shield*

Users I want to track but haven't...

There's quite a few of them (in no particular order)...

Underlined ones are ones I've managed to get to track back :)

  1. GameFreak315
  2. ElBanano216
  3. Sunsha
  4. Cutekitten6_18 (I think I spelt it wrongly somewhere)
  5. whos_next000
  6. SolidSnake_108
  7. SolidSnake35
  8. FragStains
  9. Bobakuzero (I think I spelt it wrongly too)
  10. Killyou
  11. megagene
  12. DaveGamer_05

I think that's all I can think of at the moment..

You must be wondering what's stopping me from tracking them... well probably what delayed me from tracking most of you (for those I tracked first, not those I tracked back)... the fear of being rejected or PMed a 'why the hell are you tracking me' or avoided in the forums... and the like... in fact I also have the feeling that a few users here dislike me... for whatever reason... and sometimes I avoid quoting them... talking to them... and perhaps even not posting in threads they've posted in... for that fear...

I still remember how it was like when I was thinking of tracking a few of you... say... most of the RC posters (starting with Canuck and going all the way till Whicker89 and TFG) and some prominent OT posters like fishdalf and LJS9502_basic. I was like preparing to accept not being tracked back... and once even thought of leaving GS for that...

When a user doesn't reply to my message or appears (to me) to be avoiding me... I also get the sense that the user dislikes me... and sometimes wonder if I am disliked...

Even now this fear.. or paranoia as you might describe it...lingers and I really don't know what to do... > >

EDIT: Speaking of which, this is also why I track back people who track me... even if I don't know them... I'll post in their blogs a few times... but if they don't post back.. then well... I stop posting...

EDIT 2: Added megagene and DaveGamer to the list... remembered them now...

EDIT 3: Well.. crossed GameFreak315 off the list :)

EDIT 4: Crossed off 2 more...

EDIT 5: Crossed off another 2 :D

EDIT 6: whos_next000 is off the list too :)

Click here to find out something

Alright... just a few random facts about me, as promised:

1. If I haven't commented in your blog, it's because you haven't commented in mine.

2. If you wonder why I own Photoshop but can't be bothered to make a new signature (my current one is a gift from 3abden in case you don't know) it's really because I'm not that interested in graphic design. I only use it when needed (mainly school projects, usually involving websites).

3. I really dislike the use of deprecated tags in HTML like (b)and (i)as well as (font). (Darn they won't let me use entity codes in here). For this reason I somewhat dislike most web forums. (And yes I hate the HTML editor in GameSpot too.)


[spoiler] 4. Sometimes I like myself for this... sometimes I loathe myself for this. I have split personalities at different times to different people.

5. Most of you probably won't believe it... but I'm an arrogant, perfectionist and elitist but at the same time have low self-esteem (still remains from the depression in the past) and am suffering from psychosis. Sometimes I wonder if it's really a mental illness or it's just me... because while on 1 hand I want to get over with this... on the other hand I like being labelled as insane.

[/spoiler] It feels so much better after finally letting this out. > >

Cut Offline!

You guys might have realised I've been missing for a couple or so of days and might be wondering why. In case you haven't realised, there has recently been an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 in Taiwan, or more accurately off the shores of Taiwan.

Wondering how this affects me, a Singaporean? Well, basically speaking, that quake damaged several (6 to be exact) undersea cables connecting Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Phillipines and well Singapore to the US... And what does that mean? Practically all overseas (from my perspective) sites DO NOT WORK AT ALL!


So how am I posting this then? Well, fortunately speaking, the telecom companies have rerouted traffic to other cables. While this works, most of the Internet is still mighty laggy... try to think of a 14.4kbps modem... and this is mainly due to congestion. Ah a pity indeed! :(

In any case, I apologise for not commenting in your blogs... or not posting in the forums... at least not as regularly as I wish I could. I can assure you guys, my friends, though, that once things are back to normal (estimated 3 weeks)... I'll resume my usual on-site activity.

In the meantime, Happy New Year! :)

Double Breakdown Trouble

In case you haven't noticed, I have been missing for the past 3 to 4 days, not coming online at all, let alone spamming... err posting in the forums.

This is basically because both my computer and modem/router broke down. For 3 days I was left without a computer (quite a pain since I'm hooked to it) and for 4 days I was left without internet connectivity (which a bigger pain since I am quite obligated to um.. spam/post in the GS forums).

One interesting thing to note though, is that the cause of computer breakdown was a faulty SATA cable. (In case you're wondering, it is basically a cable connecting the motherboard to the hard disk.) But because the hardware shop misdiagnosed the problem in the first place, instead of replacing that cable, they decided to reinstall Windows... and darn all my stuff went poof just like that. Irritating isn't it? In any case though, I've managed to reinstall everything I have... but no more Office 2007 beta :cry:

The next interesting thing is that the cause of breakdown for the modem/router combo was... guess what? Power surge from some lightning strike. :| I've been using the internet regardless of thunder and lightning for 2 years... and this has to happen. Looks like nature has something against me.

On the bright side though, I managed to complete watching the first season of Prison Break on VCD (strange that they don't have a DVD version in the video rental shop)... and found it pretty good, save for the cliffhanger ending. Guess I'll have to wait another few months before the sequel is broadcast on television here in a laggy Singapore.

Last note: I might not be able to comment in all of your blogs, but I'll make an attempt to comment in at least all NEW blog updates as of this update.

Oh Noes! - Level 20

I don't know if I should classify this as good or bad news overall - it is definitely great that I've gone up a level... but on the other hand, this level is going to be one bad one, or so I heard.

A maximum experience gain of 2.22% per level means that it will take 45 days (excluding this one) to level up. That's provided that I get the maximum experience gain every day too. Sounds terrible doesn't it?

Well never mind - most of you have either got past this level, or will eventually face it... I guess this is the price for all the experience bugs and level skipping for the earlier levels. Do you think that the sentence fits the crime?

I certainly don't think so... probably because I gain the maximum experience possible everyday as of November 2. :P Now it's time for you guys (and girls) to share your opinions.