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blackleech Blog

We mourn for the departed...

Or do we?

After all, it can be argued that they deserved... what they got.

If you don't know yet, this blog is about the people whose blogs I will continue commenting in.

Congratulations to all who made it in the list, 72 of you in total. There's still about 3.5 hours left before the list is final, so post a comment in the previous blog if you want to squeeze in...

 Without further ado, here's the list of survivors:

* denotes that the user is in by default of friendship.
# denotes that the user is in by default of regular commenting.

-kaz3- *
-PureDemon- *
2ndWonder *
3abden *
BDM666 *
bluezy *
BraindeadRacr #
Canuck3000 *#
Cougarhart61 *#
craig828 #
CrystalFox *
Cutekitten6_18 *
DanC1989 *
Dante2710 *#
delol #

disc0very *
double_decker *
ElBanano216 *
enormousaxie *
firestorm304 *
fishdalf *#
fkholmes #
FragStains *#
freakyzeeky1986 *#
funkadelichika *#
GameFreak315 *
Hungry_bunny *#
HydraX7 *
jakeboudville *#
Jerrell_rast #
Jumbo120788 *
K4ss3r *#
kolobus11 *
KrunkMastaX *
Lightfellower #
LJS9502_basic *#
matrix_hiei #
megagene *#
meganno *
Mercenary_V *#
MoonFoxx *#
quadraleap *#
Reddragon9288 *#
sandlot76 *
serbsta69 *
Sgt_Homonculus *#
Shadowlinex *
SolidSnake35 *
someotherguy654 * (Not listing SAWG_owns)
southy787 *
staincoldlp *#
stephanime *#
Sunsha *
TheHimura *
the_foreign_guy *
The_Vampress *
The_Zoid *
Thorpe89 *#
Viennoserie *# (Not listing Ponsardin)
Viewtiful-Gamer *
Whicker89 *
whos_next00 *
xJBones79x #

According to statistics... apparently only 28 deserve to be in if based on regular commenting alone. 55 people made it in based on friendship (they may or may not have commented [regularly]). Less than 10 people made it in by commenting in this blog (they may have commented in previous ones occassionally)

Also, note that being in on account of '*' alone isn't good... so for the aproximately 30 people who came in based on that alone... you know what to do :P

EDIT: I think this must be the longest blog page ever... can anyone find a longer one?

Simple Delights!

WARNING: This blog entry may make you feel hungry.

Most of my blogs are plain walls of text, and I am grateful to all those who made the effort to scale those endless walls. :)

Time to reward you people with pictures and a video - of some mini food invention of mine.  

This is what you need:

Fish cake [Picture shows the yong tau foo type of fish cake]

Hot dogs (no picture)

An egg (no picture)

Curry-flavored instant noodles [Picture shows Maggi brand of curry-flavored instant noodles]

Cheese and Chili Seasoning [Picture shows a packet of each seasoning from Pizza Hut]

The steps:

1. Prepare the fishcake and hot dogs and cut them into smaller pieces if you want.

2. Boil the fishcake and the hot dogs together in a pot of water for 1 to 2 minutes.

3. Wash the egg and put it in a separate pot of water and boil it. When the water is boiling, lower the flame but continue to let the egg boil for about 7 to 8 minutes.

4. The fishcake and hot dogs should be cooked by now. Use a spatula to transfer them into the plate.

5. Open the 2 packets of instant noodles and slowly drop them into the pot of water which you used to cook the fishcake and hot dogs.

6. Open the 2 packets of curry seasoning in the instant noodles and spread them evenly across the plate.

7. Return your attention to the instant noodles, continuing to stir it for another 3 minutes.

8. Turn off the stove which you used to cook the noodles, and drain the water from the pot. Use a fork to transfer the noodles to the plate. Mix the noodles with the curry seasoning. Then add the cheese and chili seasoning, spreading it evenly.

9. The egg should be cooked by now. Turn off the stove which you are using to cook the egg, drain the water from the pot and take out the egg. Remove the shell. 

10. Serve!

And the video:


Now for the secret part of this blog. Most of you know that I accept all friend requests, and as a result I have a really huge amount of blogs to respond to (yes I know, a lot of people have to respond to more blogs than me). I'll be honest and say that I am having some difficulty commenting in all those blogs.

Difficulty not as in I do not have the time to comment in them. Difficulty as in I find it hard to comment in people's blogs if they don't comment in mine. Of course, if you happen to be sick or be busy, I don't mind, but if you can be actively posting/creating blogs...

Save for the few regular commenters and those closer to me, I will ignore the blogs of contacts who do not comment here.

EDIT: Dateline for comment: Sunday 31 March 0000 GMT+8

EDIT 2: !!! :o What a spike in new blog views... +290... I wonder if it's the review of C&C3... or the thread by DD... or both... or... ?

Top Secret Formula!

Alright, it's not as secret as it claims to be if I'm posting it here. But well, over the months I have noticed that many people are obsessed with the number of views of their own profile as well as that of others.

A lot of people claim that they do not care about how many profile views someone has, but I think it's really otherwise. :P

And so, after hundreds of hours of intense report-writing, paper-crushing, mouse-clicking, calculator-button-mashing and table-banging, I am proud to announce that I have discovered the formula to increasing your profile views! :o

The formula is:
x = Number of profile Views per day

y = Frequency of blog entries/day
a = Number of friends
b = Number of friends who post regularly
c = Percentage of attractiveness of blog title
d = Percentage of attractiveness of blog content
e = Level you are at
h = Percentage of day you spend in GS
j = Percentage of site you spend in GS per day

Let z = 2/(y^2 +y + 0.1)

x = cdz(((a - b)/a)^2 + b + 5hj + e)

Fantastic isn't it? :D

Disclaimer: Formula is not 100% accurate. But it should give you a rough estimate.

For example take this (my estimates):

x = Number of profile Views per day

y = Frequency of blog entries/day (0.1428 )
a = Number of friends (193)
b = Number of friends who post regularly (23)
c = Percentage of attractiveness of blog title (0.8) (est)
d = Percentage of attractiveness of blog content (0.8 ) (est)
e = Level you are at (23.51)
h = Percentage of day you spend in GS (0.25) (est)
j = Percentage of site you spend in GS per day (0.001) (est)

z = 2/(0.1428^2 +0.1428 +0.1)) = 3.800

x = 0.8 * 0.8 * 3.800(((193 - 23)/193)^2 + 23 + 5(0.25 * 0.001) + 23.51) =2.432(0.7759 + 0.001 +23 + 23.51)
= 115

So I expect to see around 115 new views > >

Tell me if the formula works :P (Works means it's within 85% accuracy)

EDTI: My example had some typos > >

Diary of a Madman

WARNING: The following text may not make any sense. It is probably going to be the toughest of my blog entries so far to understand.


Criss and a cross
Yet another day.
Turn yourself in
and no one will pay.
Shot in the head
But feeling okay.
Twisting a clock,
Chasing time away.

Braving the depths,
There's nothing to fear.
Lost in your home,
And starting to tear.
Blaming yourself,
For clogging the gear.
Cringing to live,
A fly in your ear.

Life has ended fool,
No one's saving you.

I don't know what I'm hearing,
No one knows what I am saying.
The world's spinning,
As they're dying.
No one's seeing,
They're ignoring.
Parties signing,
Papers flying.
I am crying,
But I still loathe them.

End of seemingly random part of blog.

Each blog entry from now will include an entry like the above... so good luck to whoever is trying to interpret it.

Anyway, pertaining to the title of this blog:

WARNING: May be extremely offensive and is a long read

I notice my impression of people tends to drop drastically easily. All that needs to happen is for them to fulfill just one of the many criteria for my 'people to dislike' checklist. > > For example, people who drink, smoke, are not smart enough, are immature, are too conservative, are ignorant, are full of expletives... etc. > > Well, I realise that in the end, that means that I dislike everyone in that sense.

Oh well, but I did ever say I am a misanthrope

I've admitted that I'm one arrogant elitist perfectionist. I still admit it. It causes me to have this certain mindset and attitude, but most of you have never seen that mindset and attitude.

Why? Because there are other sides to me (I think people who used to follow my blogs should know.) These sides are completely opposite of each other... and I want to be each and every side of them. Imagine like you want to be a pastor yet want to be a well-known Atheist. It's like that for me...

WARNING: Following part sounds stupid and may spoil your impression of me

My belief is that a person is like a collection of meters. Each person is at a different position at a different meter. For example, you may measure at like 60% for conservative, 20% for patience, etc. Simple enough?

Now comes the hard part. My belief is also that it's possible to be on the extreme ends of both sides of each of these meters. Eg. you can be 100% evil yet 100% holy. At each period, there may be one person who achieves that, and that person is called the 'Ultima'. He/she/it can
use that fact to achieve anything he/she/it wants to achieve, but that person will be faced with the gargantuan task of trying to maintain being the extreme of both ends.

Eventually, the Ultima will come to a point where he/she/it is unable to maintain this balance, and that is when he/she/it collapses and loses the title 'Ultima'.

in my 'fantasy' history, there have been 13 Ultimas, the last one being XXIII (They don't go in increasing consecutive numbers).

Also, the best one can achieve is becoming 'Nothing'... as in literally nothing. That means on those 'meters', your 'value' is N/A... just like how you get N/A when you try to divide something by 0.

Why does Nothing beat the Ultima or 'Everything'? Because then, you are no longer tied to those meters. You are no longer affected by those meters. And that means that when you act, you're the most clear. But apparently it is not easy to be completely unaffected by everything, hence there is only one 'Nothing' in existence.

That 'Nothing' has been around forever.

So with that:

#1 of my beliefs: Nothing is better than everything, which is better than something.

I don't know if I will continue with this sort of blog... I admit it probably makes no sense to most, maybe all, of you... and I'm making one fool of myself.

Whether I continue this sort of blog will depend on the reception to this one.

War has changed

Well, I doubt there's any animosity between you and me if you are reading this and commenting here...


But, well... over the course of time here in GS, I notice that there is a lot of factionalism going on...  There's lot of hostility between certain groups of users... and sometimes... even between individuals themselves...

It's almost as though OT is a planet of nations, big and small, democratic and socialist, etc. Most of these countries are involved in some alliance, or to be frank, military pacts.

Some countries are on the verge of war, with constant border clashes. Some on the other hand, are pretty peaceful and try to promote the growth of bilateral relations. Yet others have interests pretty questionable...

There's a UN Security Council too. But this not all of its members are respected by the people across the globe. Some countries have an almost uncanncy amount of influence on certain members of the council, to the point they're like pupeteers.

It is the duty of the Council to intervene in the event of hostilities. But does it always do so? Even when it does, can its intervention be considered a success?

Maybe World War 3 is already here. Just that we don't notice it.

War has changed.

I hope it isn't too abstract, congratulations to those who manage to grasp this entry.

This is a boring blog entry

Since I already warned you that it is boring, why read it?

Ok, enough of the joke. :P This blog is actually about 'blog series'.

No idea what I mean? Well, by 'blog series' I mean blog entries by the same person with a common subject matter... Quite a few of my friends have employed them and I found most to be quite of interest. :)

Here are some examples, some are still current, while others have been discontinued:

  1. Fishdalf's 'Hall of Fame' and 'Most Anticipated' Series
  2. Fragstain's 'A Guide to...'
  3. Ponsardin's 'Top Lists'
  4. Stephanime's 'Friday Friend'
  5. jakeboudville's 'Thought of the Day'
  6. Hungry_bunny's 'Interesting facts'
  7. ...?

I'm looking for more of such blog series... I'm sure there are, but anyway, how about naming some yourself? Or commenting on those listed? I'm sure that the creators of such blog series will be pleasantly surprised :P


I think most of you would've realised by now that I have drastically reduced the amount of posting I do and how much time I spend on GameSpot... not even 50 posts a day now :|

The main reason for that is really that I've been engaging myself in programming and well, Baldur's Gate too. Other than that, nothing much...

Nowadays, I feel like... a stranger to OT. I post very little in all of the sticky threads, don't talk much and don't spend much time here either.

Is my interest level in GS going down? Am I eventually going to leave GS?

I hope not.

PS. I'm going to upload Jimi Hendrix's All Along The Watchtower video within this month. I'm also trying to think of a few video blogs to do... but apparently a lot of people have problems with watching streaming videos.

Please answer if you can view videos in GS, I will take that into consideration.

You Know You're Right

Yeah it's a Nirvana song.

All of you guys were right :)

I got back all of the furniture for good.

I am back for good.

I achieved 10k posts

I celebrated my birthday.

I did well for the O level exams (L1R5 8 points, all As)

Pop by Here too if you can

Happy Memories

Not much content in this blog post... because I can't think of any. 9 hours from now I'll be packing the furniture...

Anyway, leave your comments, but this time... like some of you suggested... well, let's try make things better.

No "I miss you posts"... no  :(s and no :cry:s... I want to see the :)s and :Ds again...

Be more cheerful... or at least try to :)

Can things get any worse?

Well... right now it's 5 days left (including today).

And just the other day, my mother got fired from her job.

$0 annual family income ftl. :|

I wonder how I still have the mood to post in GS. :|