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Top 7 Badarse Video Game Characters (SPOILERS)

Thought I'd make a list out of inspiration from my favourite GSPotter Meat_Bag.

7) The Watcher (Darksiders)

"I'll rip your guts out through your Halo!"

Mark Hamill has the skill of making any character an instant badarse through voice alone. This guy right here traversed the world with War to make sure his duties were fulfilled. While he may not have been strong, his witty responses and threats were sure to put the mightiest at least slightly off their game. Even in the face of death (no pun intended) he had no fear reminding War who "holds the leash".

6) Jericho (Fallout 3)

"Two shots, kid! Two shots!"

This former raider is the very definition of badarse in Fallout 3. No regard for human life and a thirst for adrenaline. If you have him as your companion he is quick to engage the enemy and taunt them for his amusement. Good luck getting him to be your companion, you'd have to be just as bad as him!

5) Jack Krauser (Resident Evil Series)

"Well, if it isn't that **** in the red dress."

While I might hate his guts, there is no denying that he is a badarse. During seemingly safe conversational cutscenes, he will try to sneak kill shots at Leon -- successfully if you fail to react in time. He also seems to have a masochistic side, seemingly enjoying when getting shot by Leon. He didn't have a special death, sadly.. he just died in the same manner another person or zombie would.

4) Alex Mercer (Prototype)

"Nothing can protect you from me! No man, no weapon, no armour!"

Alex had the whole military tembling in his wake. There was nothing at all that was able to stop this walking arsenal of insanely monstrous powers. Frequently sky jacking helicopters and causing massive terror on the streets earned Alex this spot on the list.

3) Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

"I want you to beg for forgiveness."

How could I NOT include Sephiroth? Just HOW? This badarse kills Aerith when the player is just getting to know her completely. That takes balls both on the developers behalf and this guy's right here. Bad till the die you die.

2) Kratos (God of War Series)

"If all on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus shall die."

A man who single handedly kills both Gods and Titans is a badarse to a near infinite level. Shall I really say more?

1) War (Darksiders)

"You can look me in the eye when I kill you."

One of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War is my favourite badarse. He is not a man of many words but he will say what needs to be said. War is not afraid of ANYTHING, be it 700x his size, he will find a way for it to tumble. He plays executioner as he repays for his accusations of bringing the apocalypse "prematurely". And **** is he bulked up.

I will just clear up that this list is based on MY opinion and it is also my first "Top" list.

Bought my PS3

So, I saw a PS3 at gamestop priced incredibly so I said to myself "Why not buy it?". I did and all I can say is that I. Love. It! I will gladly say that in my honest opinion, this beats the 360. Free online, a directory with an assload of demos, customizable XMB (with third-party software of course, *cough*), friends (oh how I love friends *cough*) and a wireless controller that COMES WITH a charger. I charged this for 30 minutes when I first bought it and the controller has stayed juiced for 3 days, including today, plus - still running. I haven't purchased a game yet but I will get to it this weekend. My friends on GameSpot with PS3's, feel free to post your PSN as a comment to this blog post.

Mine is: ArRaNcArDaLiN

Bye for now.