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It's just completely ridiculous. One doesn't even need to swear to be flagged -- often my posts are 'pending' for absolutely no apparent reason, nothing offensive, no swearing. I used the word 'cow', but not directed at anyone. Maybe it is this? As it is quite clear the filter is designed to disallow anything than can even be construed as an insult in very specific contexts.

.. and as for those terribly offensive words, it seems one can't even say 'id1ot'. This really is pathetic; and believe me, your stumbling attempts to santitise the forums will not profit you as a website. It's simply the case that your continuing efforts in curtailing the ability to express opinions - by your non-stop flagging of new words to the filter - will result in people leaving en masse.

That's not a threat, it's a prediction.

Freedom of speech is extremely important, and indeed freedom to express foul ideas. Why do you think it's legal to go on neo-nazi marches? It isn't illegal to have racist views. Why is that? Because then we KNOW who those people are - it's rather better to have them out in the open, rather than have them hiding away in the shadows, don't you think?Ask yourself this: Would you prefer a person is left unchallenged with very bad ideas of social behaviour, and ideas of equality, etc?