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Novmber a Big Gaming Month 4 Me

Well i know for some of you as well cuz in a few days CoD4 comes out then like a week or so after that im gettingGHIII and a few days after that Assassins and now im hearin DDR: U2 so i'll be busy this christmas for sure and now my mom is going to the U.S. so i told her if she see's anything pick it up so that might save me a few bucks, so when get these games ill be acepting all challenges

CoD4 Beta Q & A

Hey guys i just got the beta yesterday from GS and for those of you that do not have it yet if you need anything clarified for you just ask

2 New Emblems

I know they dun matter or make a difference but there cool to have i just got 2 new ones

Hella Old-School--- Those bearing the rare distinction of hella old-school have been gaming practically since the primordial days. What they could have possibly seen in the terrible, old games of yore is anyone's guess, and far be it from these individuals to easily be able to justify why they've managed to waste away so much of their lives racking up millions of points, saving unlimited princesses, and basically just shooting and/or jumping over lots of things.

Broadcast of Victory--- Awarded for coming out of the trenches to watch the Hour of Victory live demo preview event.

Review: NBA: Homecourt and Boom Boom Rocket

Well after a while i have decided to start reviewing again but now i will only review games that i buy because if i reviewed every game i played then i would never get off GS and you will also see my first ever Review of a XBLA game the reason is because its one of my fav and not all my XBLA games will be reviewed so enjoy guys

GRAW2 and Boom Boom Rocket

Well these are 2 games i have gotten over a 4 day period and for people sceptical of either one i hope this clears things up. GRAW2 is so sick if you like CoD type games or just war ingeneral like me then you will liek this game, so far i've only betten the first level and on low risk but still its ok and for online even better some how the graphics look better and it plays good and its real 1 shot your dead unless their shooting low on you, i would highly recommend this even if you didnt play the 1st one like me. BBR is sick its exactly like DDR but for the buttons on the controller with fireworks which is fun if you are a fan of games like this then try it out. If you need any other questions on this just ask

Finally some GTA IV news

Well i thinks its about damb time they said anything about it, i think most of us new it was coming out in october anyways but aparently the new trailer will be launched on march 27 so im waiting for that, what about you guys

Finally (CoD3 Related)

After like for ever i finally got CoD3 working online now, i kinda found a way to make it work. Wait about a min and if no ones there exit go back in and keep doing this it works i just havent been able to play it for a while because i've been addicted to fifa07. Hope this hels you guys that have been having the same problem

Riot in Italy

Well over the weekend in Catania, Sicily close to my home town of Cosenza, Calabria there was a big huge riot over a friendly soccer match between Italy & Romania and it killed 1 cop (po po/5.0.), you might have heard on CNN or another big news station laughing this up because they say how we disgrace our own sport but if you look at it like this it will help the Seria A League because they will finally get the security that they needed. But when all is said and done it just shows how much the game of soccer means to people and dont get me wrong or anything but i dont think baseball, hockey, football can can go up and down the charts in the case of attendance and still be the best sport in the world. Dont get me wrong things like this shouldn't been happening but thats what you get one you mix 1 of the best fans in the world with the best game. How are your thoughts on this latest event, you dont have to agree with me i just wana know what are your thoughts??

CoD3 players

hey guys i love to play shooters online and CoD is like one of my favs but when i play CoD3 i find myself waiting like 10min for a game, lets say for example i go to team battle then the screen loads up and everything but im the only one there. Does this  happen to anyone else

CoD3 & GoW difficulty

well as all of you know Gow and CoD3 are both great games but im finding myself only playing one because its so awsome and its GoW but when i play CoD3 i cant put down my controller, so for those of you that have both are you having the same problem as i am.

P.S to those of you that are looking for a good shooter on your 360 and you have the $$ for 2 games get these 2 but if you have the $$ for only 1 you cant lose if your picking between the 2