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B-day and Moderation

well today is my birthday and i am 22 now.
how time flies,i cant believe it myself that i am 22 now.
plus i was moderated 2 times for terms of use viloation(probably in jokers blog lol):lol: in 4 days,but fortunately i lost no pionts.

GTI IV's pacth

I downloaded a Patch for GTI IV which is recently released.

having high rigs and not being able to run the game smoothly i was so pissed off when i got this game.i hoped that a patch will solve the problems. but game still runs slow and i lose frames.

at least i dont have the camera bug problem anymore.i just wish that i could run this game properly.

wtf man :(

an Update to my blog :

i got a new camera bug and still experience the old one.and i am starting to realize that maybe i should change my hardwares or..... !?

again WTF

3 years with GS


i been wit GS since 2005....

lot of things changed....

lot of friends banned....

but still have some friends

crysis and pro street

Finally,I got ma new PC, crysis and pro street together.I havent played anything since the last year,but now i dont know where to start from...

I upgradedma pc toan intel dual core cpu 3000MHZ with 4MB cash and nvidia's 8500 GTand also i bought 2GB ram....

i haven't posted notin during last year,cuz

i am a member since 2004 as few of u guys know ,not to mention that i lost ma previous profile when GS changed to new style.

i havent posted anything cuzi thought nobody cares about me and ma posts.i had about 100 people in ma friend

list but only 4 o r5 of them posted in ma blogs,then i dicided to delete every body from ma list except of 10 people.

ma best friends from all those good days back in 2005 are banned,died or left GS now.havin only dj_ren and mexisnake i decided to leave here in in gs everybody is thinkin about himself,no body cares whether u are dead or alive.ihave lost a lot of friends here but i will never forget them,they are always in ma heart.

this was a message to all of ma friends.i miss ya all.....:(

have a good year


yeah another emblem

i have 12 now and the new one is good taste ,i worked hard to get this one :D and sorry guys i am not  so much  in gs emblem these days so dont blame me if i didnt post on ur blogs