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I'm very happy!

  I'm very happy that a new video game store opened up right near my home it takes me a minute to get there. They have all kinds of great games even from the nes so I will buy more of them cause they're 1 dollar. and snes games and gamegear stuff its a local store so you probably won't hear of it unless your home is in northeast Philadelphia. i am also friends with the family that own the store too....oh and the store is called extreme performance so he reduces the nes games for free! and he tells me all of the latest games and stuff and usualyy reduces the prices of games if they're 20 dollars and below. 

I'm sorry

Sorry I havent been as active on game spot as much , but my cp had to get fixed and i was on vacation. sorry without notice of this. IK'm trying to read all of my 100 messages to literally. 

awwww man I dont get it?????

my good taste and my serious collector emblems were removed for some unknown reason??????? I cant see them on my profile page can you guys???? I'm sad now....give me a moment of time.....CAN ANYONE ANSWER MY QEUSTION????WHY, WHY, WHY WHY WHY?? I WANT AN ANSWER GAMESPOT PLEASE PLEASE.

new video card

I'm going to get a New video card this Saturday I can't wait I am going to get a nvidia 7800 agp slot :) I don't have to get it on saturday but I just want it that day. Heres a mystery that you guys can find out.....why do I want it Saturday?? I will give you 1 week.
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