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I got a date the dance and my unlucky day yesterday

The only good thing was I'm going to the dance with Brandi

OK my day yesterday

#1.Emily fliped me out of my chair at lunch

2.Josh and Emily did this game called 7 min in heaven (what ever that is)

3.At Toys R Us I had a slip for an x-box 360 but then to get it I had to buy other things with it that I couldn't aford.

God what a day a bad day at least Brandi is going to the school dance with me.

Do you think Rusty Wallace should retire?

I want to here from all rusty fans do you think rusty should retire. If so who should replace him beside Kurt. One of his brothers, should he foucus on his son, go to truck, to Busch, own a Nextel team. Please tell me what you think.