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My 13th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm finally a teenager yea well tuesday at 6:21 pm i become a teenager so i will be celebrating monday and tuesday so i'm taking 2 days off GS

Obi take care of The Old Rebuplic Union i won't give you lead but make sure people post in there



Departing from Game Spot

Well with my grandmother's illness I won't be here for maybe a month I ask all of you post in my union and I request that I remain an officer for the unions I'm in

My 3,000th post!

 I did it 3,000 in 4 months.The Jedi Council union deserves a say in this with all the topics to post on over 2,400 of my posts are in that union I devote myself to it and look where I am hopefully one day I could lead the union.

I never had a girlfriend and the dance

It was a roumor me and  Brandi were never going out and the dance was horrible I asked Brandi 3 times and all she did was give me a hug then I asked Emily to dance she said no.

But me and brandi are still friends and maybe I'll act myself now and see what happens