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got ya!!!

haha bbb ain't leaving well not for now at least uz you did the right thing i should have told you what was going on but now i get to make my way though the ranks again and the kara thing me playing a joke on you guys

so you guys are still stuck with your favorite neighborhood brownie

The man who held the dagger struck it in my back

now my mind has been made i'm leaving gs for good no stoping me you all know about my grandma's illness so i've been attending to her and trying to fix this damn computer only to come back about 1month later to find i had been demoted in the only union i ever post in now being as it my since i was one of the top posters in it i tought it would give me a mulligan or two so i could take this 1 month break apperently UZ had other plans good bye everyone i ever knew there actuly was a day i liked gs but uz has taken that away

I hate my life!

God i can't get a GF for **** these days man i asked Rachel out and she likes someone else (who turns out to be moving and she really likes him) and another girl i like is going out with my best friend and forget Kara she has a BF so i'm screwed i hate my F****** life and nothing can make it worse

A stupid question but i do need an answer to it

ok there is this song i really like and i think it would be perfect for me to ask kara to dance with me if we have another dance now i don't know the exact song name but i belive it's

The reason is you

now if that isn't a SLOW DANCE song TEll me and post a song equal to or better than that i need to know the perfect one i feel it's my only chance if it's the perfect song

Very Bad News

Guys my grandmother just got her tests back and the cancer is back so instead of posting like i planned i will be gone trying to help her i'm sorry guys even if i had time i just can't post i'm so mad right now

more pics this time with me and her

more pics form the music man she's the one in the dress i'm in the blue pants and my shirt tucked in and suprisilgnly her brother is the guy holding the tuesday sign

music man 3

music man 2-this one's blurry cause she is turning around

music man 1

I need advice help or anthing just help me PLZ more GIRL TORBLE!

Ok guys here is me girl situation again. There is this new girl i like her name is Rachel and she is a grade in front of me. Now i've liked her friend Kara who i've gone out with before. WTF do i do to get Rachel?

now i will update day by day mabe that will help

monday-on the bus she would look at me and give me a smile every so often