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Larry The Cable Guy's show last night

Well, yesterday i went to a Larry The Cable Guy stand up show. it was pretty funny.  his opening act was Reno Collier, and i thought he was really funny too.  Larry was better, of course, but Reno did have some really funny lines.  Anyways, Larry made a joke about how at 3 A.M. people at Walmart all have really weird walks.  So, my cousin wanted to go by a CD, and the only place open was Walmart.  It was about 10:00, and we did see some people with weird walks (my uncle for one thing).  well, while my cousin was looking for his cd, i was looking at the cheap DVD's.  i found three good movies, and i got them all for just over $20.

i got Man on Fire, and then my cousin spotted Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, so i got that one too.  and then in we were about to leave, and my cousin was looking in the $5 bin for Zoolander, which he could't find (thank god), and i found Head of State, which i always thought was a funny movie.


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