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New Console Help

I am trying to figure out what system I should get, because the only systems I have are my Gamecube, and my PSP, and I really want to get a new system.

It's between the Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3. I can't decide on which one I should get. Two of the games I want, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and TNA iMPACT!, are available for both consoles, although TNA comes out later next year.

Now, I'm really kind of a Playstation fan, being as I had an original Playstation, and pretty much all my cousins had Playstation 2's. Not to mention my PSP, and relatively good sized amount of games for it.

A couple of my friends had Xbox's, but I hardly ever played on them. I just found the button scheme to be a little bit confusing. I have played on the 360 once or twice, mainly at my graduation party, they had a couple of them available for us to play on, so I played a little Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 on it.

I find the Playstation 3 easier to play, at least for me, just because the controller doesn't gain to many buttons. It's been pretty much the basic buttons ever since PS1. So I find it easy to pick up on the games of the Playstation 3.

Now, I have just a couple of questions about the differences between the two systems. For online play, does it cost money to play online for both systems? Xbox 360 needs to have Xbox Live to go online, right? But, does the PS3 need to have some sort of subscription plan to play games online? And if so, which system has the cheaper subscription price?

Any help from you people would be greatly appreciated.


So, the other day my mom comes out of nowhere and says "We should go on vacation." I was like okay. So she was trying to figure out a place where we could go, and I think it's down to two places. Either New York, or California. My grandma lives in New York, and I've never met her, so it would be nice to go and see her before it's too late. But, I was born in California, and I wouldn't mind going back there and seeing the old neighborhood. But when you think about it, we could also take a vacation to Hawaii, because I used to live there also. It's really anyone's guess on to where we will end up. Anyone got any suggestions on which way I should say we go?

Thanks. Peace out.

House Sitting and a Birthday

Well, my cousin and his family went to Seattle to go see Boston play against the Mariners. And, me and my mom have to house sit for them. Which is fine with me, because they have Satellite TV, and they have some dogs, and, it's quieter here. The only bad part is, I'm allergic to their cats. Oh well.

Also, on Wednesday, it's my nephews 1st birthday. He's such a awesome little baby. I like him more than I like my sister. The only reason I'm putting this in a blog early is because I doubt that I would blog in the next couple days. Hell, the only reason I'm blogging right now is because i'm really bored, and I hadn't in like 2 months.

I'm out.

Larry The Cable Guy's show last night

Well, yesterday i went to a Larry The Cable Guy stand up show. it was pretty funny.  his opening act was Reno Collier, and i thought he was really funny too.  Larry was better, of course, but Reno did have some really funny lines.  Anyways, Larry made a joke about how at 3 A.M. people at Walmart all have really weird walks.  So, my cousin wanted to go by a CD, and the only place open was Walmart.  It was about 10:00, and we did see some people with weird walks (my uncle for one thing).  well, while my cousin was looking for his cd, i was looking at the cheap DVD's.  i found three good movies, and i got them all for just over $20.

i got Man on Fire, and then my cousin spotted Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, so i got that one too.  and then in we were about to leave, and my cousin was looking in the $5 bin for Zoolander, which he could't find (thank god), and i found Head of State, which i always thought was a funny movie.


And don't forget to watch my movie here

I Made A Movie!!!

So, yesterday, me and my cousin's got bored.  We were outside playing basketball, and we decided to film it.  So, we made a movie, and even posted it on youtube and Metacafe.

So, if you wanna see my first attempt at directing, click this link .  Enjoy 

People, I Need Your Help

Well, like the title says, I need your help.  I am trying to get the Biogloical Warfare emblem.  That involves me posting my Gamespot Badge on another web site, and having people look at it.  Well, easteast has put my Gamespot Badge on his website.  What I need for you people to do is go to this website and view it.  Multiple times.  Please.

Here is easteast's website.

For All You Music Fans Out There

Alright, I have uploaded a new video.  It is Lupe Fiasco's "I Gotcha".

From now on, I will upload any type of music video, not just rap.  So, if you have a request, I will try my best to upload it for you.

Here's to doing business with you guys soon.

Peace Out

Request Lines Are Now Open

So, I feel like uploading a new video tonight. The only problem is I don't know which video I should upload.

So, here's the deal. I will take the first five requests I get, and then I will choose from them.

Rules: Video requests has to be a music video, and it has to be a rap video. Unless, I get a request for a song that I like that isn't rap. The only problem for those requests is, that you guys don't know what those songs are.