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hackers ruin the fun online on CoD not so much on forza

first they have 10th prestiege or better so they shouldnt have to play it much anymore

second they always get headshots with no effort

third you try to kill them but they wont die as quickly as they should

and finally they hack matches so that way the other team will barely stand a chance 

on forza they cant do much except get max money and be in a c class beat everyone but thats all they really can do.

not much in the way of effecting other players

even if china builds a city a 1/4 smaller than boise south of boise

the people living there wont be able to buy anything outside the city and only asians are allowed in that city. the economy will be better. they pay the us debt off. the people who live in that city can only buy products made in china. its only flaw is that its easier for them to say YOU MUST DIE!!! *explosion*

theres always something that makes the 2nd in a series the best/blacksheep

take gran turismo 2. theres tons of glitches etc. but its the best one in the series at the same time. mario 2 is obvious. timesplitters 2, the best in the series to most. need for speed underground 2 has tons of glitches and was unfinished. it didnt look as good as the first one. zelda 2, the only sidescroller zelda for major reasons.

i bet your favorite series has a black sheep or the best sequel in the 2nd spot

E3 day 1 thoughts

it was pretty much the same as last year with less suprises and more info of new games announced last year. the only really new or inovative things were Youtube on XBL, and the ps visa. everything else was pretty much a sequel, ports or remakes

Sony, the least reliable console maker IMO

seriously. i have gotten 3 to 4 ps1s(most recent is barely can read a game) 2 PSOnes (one still in use), 3 PS2s(one water, one power, one still in use) and now technically 2 ps3s(1 BR player, now the YLOD). how many do you want to know of other companies?

1 snes, 2 n64, 1OG GB, 1 genesis, 1 DS 0 for everything else

sadly this

thankfully its not this