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Game that you will never see, unfortunately (PART-II)

I´m here again to comment about a fantastic game that is Tales of destiny...Actually Tales of destiny 1 and 2, don´t be confused with tales of eternia (also know as Tales of destiny 2).

The first game was published for the Psx console by Namco on December 23, 1997 in Japan. Both the Japanese and North American versions of the game have an introductory video animated by the renowned studio Production IG, and the Japanese version has a song accompanying the video called Yume de Aruyouni by Deen. It is similar to its predecessor, Tales of Phantasia, in terms of gameplay, graphics, and content. Tales of Destiny is the second mothership title in the Tales of series.

The story of the game begins when country-boy-turned-adventurer Stahn Aileron, who seeks fame and adventure, sneaks aboard the flying ship Draconis as a stowaway. He is found out by the crew and forced to work as a deckhand, but when a large hostile force attacks the ship, the crew is overwhelmed and Stahn breaks free during the ensuing chaos. Looking for a usable weapon to fend off the attackers, he gains access to a storeroom and discovers a "junk" sword. However, the sword starts talking to him, calling itself Dymlos and claiming to be a sentient Swordian from the Aeth'er Wars. Armed with Dymlos, Stahn fights his way to an escape pod, which he uses to escape the rapidly descending ship before it crashes into the ground.

Dymlos becomes the key to the fame, fortune, and adventure Stahn seeks as the young man meets other Swordians, quickly becoming embroiled in a battle for a relic of the Aeth'er Wars: a huge, extremely powerful Lens called the Eye of Atamoni.

Well...Later the game received a remake version for PS2 and PSP..But none of these versions launched in english :evil:

The direct sequence of the game "Tales of destiny 2" launched in japan 28 november of 2002 and later for PSP in 15 february of 2007...

The game begins with Kyle, son of the hero of the previous game, setting off on a quest to save the orphanage that his parents operate from financial ruin. During his quest, he finds a giant Lens; from the Lens emerges a mysterious girl named Reala, who claims to be in search of a hero. Believing it his duty to become the kind of hero his parents were, he follows Reala to prove himself as the hero she seeks.

This game too unfortunately²²²never steppedfoot outsideof Japan :cry: ...Is a shame because this is truly a gem of ther pg´s.

Now some images and the openings from both games...Enjoy ^^

Tales of destiny OP

Tales of destiny 2 OP

Tales of destinyTales of destiny 2

Game that you will never see, unfortunately...

I am here to talk about this excellent title that is "Corpse Party ", at least for anyone who enjoys a good story full of twists and dramatic developments!

The story of Corpse Party is about a group of high school friends in Kisaragi Academy. Kisaragi Academy was built on the grounds of Tenshin Elementary School, which was demolished after a string of disappearances and gruesome murders. After a mysterious earthquake, the students find themselves trapped in an alternate reality inside Tenshin Elementary School, where the murders of others trapped before them have continued unabated...

This game is based on a manga called Corpse Party: Blood Covered, and follows the horror story of the arrested students in this grim reality as well as in the manga.
The difference is that in the psp game you start following the story of two of the protagonists and finishing the chapter one you come to see the story of another character (and so on until you see all the characters and the different angles of the plot).

(They are stuck in the same place but each one in an alternate reality, where only a few small interactions with each other can be made).

It is extremely difficult for this to be translated into English, unfortunately because this game has a story that holds you from start to finish.
There is a version of the PC game available on the Internet translated, but unfortunately is only the first chapter so i do not recommend, you will play, get addicted and get frustrated wanting more like me =/

Finally, stay with some images from the manga and a video that i uploaded here on gamespot. cya o/

Corpse Party manga page 2

Corpse Party manga page


DJMax Portable 3 Spinning On To PSP This Year

Get ready for more finger twisting fun. PM Studios announced the next entry in the DJMax series. DJMax Portable 3 is coming to PSP on UMD and as a PlayStation Network download later this year.

PM Studios tells us DJMax Portable 3 is a true sequel. DJMax Portable 3 will have unique modes, 50 + songs, and a yet to be announced new feature.

That's… not a lot of information, so we arranged a fan-powered Q&A with PM Studios to bring you answers. Post questions about DJMax and DJMax Portable 3 in the comments. (source)

Good things will be good forever!

Hi people ... I´m back to tell more about one of my adventures in the tunnel of time. With nothing to do in my spare time, which is not too much ¬¬
I'm getting to play for the umpteenth time Final Fantasy 7 XD this time i´m playing the PC version and remember the good old days ^^
Another extremely good old stuff that I'm playing lately is Grandia ... WOW what a game! Really one of the great titles and experiences in my psxone ... I'm playing it on my psp now, and I can say ... Good things will be good forever! And I recommend to all of you this masterpiece of JRPG o/
Too bad that nowadays games like FFXIII can not bring up 1/10 of what those old games can =/

And for those who like to check out the videos that I bring, today or tomorrow I should bring more cool stuff ^^

God eater..Hummm

Good day to all first ^ ^
I came today with a few more movies of the game "God Eater" ... And I'm still with that desire to play ... The gameplay is very similar to something between Monster Hunter and Crisis Core. What I find very good by the way XD
The anime sequences that I'm finding are breathtaking... I'll see if I bring a "OVA" released recently from God Eater ... Too bad it is in Japanese = /

Haaa and only for closure ... For those who do not know .... God eater is based on a manga of the same name ... If it's good ... Well. Who knows .. Someday i get it and comment here ... Who knows /o/

Cya personas o/