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Finished most of the games

Well I've finished inFamous 1 evil and Festival of Blood, started inFamous 2 just a little while ago, also in the gap between my last post I have got 100% in skylanders and 90% in Toy Story 3, just the gold stars left of which I need 8. I've started playing Fallout New Vegas and Sniper Elite V2 amongst other things so I'm never truly bored, also got Resident Evil 3d the Mercenaries which I've been thoroughly enjoying, and picked up Theatrythm Final Fantasy which is a beautiful game, do yourself a favour and right now go to youtube and look up orchestrated Terra's Theme, beautiful...

my many games I've finished and need to finish

I've been finishing and putting many games on my gaming to do list, so far I've finished Ghost Trick Phantom Detective (great game, great story, highly reccomend it) Half Life 2 and Episode 1 and Episode 2, and Shank. I still have a lot of games to finish though in this order. Evil run of inFamous, Half Life 1 and Blue Shift and Opposing Force, Metal Gear Solid 3d Snake Eater, and Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. I get MGS3D on monday and I hope to finish evil inFamous before that so I can play HL1 and MGS3D parallel to each other but I guess we'll see how it goes so wish me good luck for my future gaming adventures so I can finish them at top speed while enjoying them fully

Finished Batman

I've done with all side missions and riddler challenges but for now I'm going to just do my evil run through of inFamous then I'll move on to Skyward Sword, I've got out all my laybys except I've put on a new one being the Skyward Sword collectors guide but before I get that out I must get the 25th anniversary $30 eshop card which will officially make it so I have every nintendo zelda game and remake so I'll be very happy to finally finish that, after those 2 things I'll be getting Sonic Generations for 3ds and PS3 so that'll be fun to try to finish, also anybody who wants to add my 3ds friend code it's found on the 3ds friend code page on the zelda alliance which I'm the leader of. Only 2 games this year really interest me this year, Star Wars Kinect, and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. On a much more pleasant note by the end of February I'll own Dungeon Defenders, Worms Reloaded and Ultimate Mayhem, Counter Strike Source, Magicka the Stars Are Left, Orcs Must Die, Dungeon Defenders the Search For the Lost Eternia Shards Complete Pack and PC Gamer Digital Episode 1 all on steam


Still haven't got transmission received or camera shy but I have finished Super Mario 3d Land 100% and only have 100 riddler challenges left to do and no other side missions, I got he Collectors Skyward Sword with the Wii remote but have been so addicted to batman I've hardly played it!!! Also got MK7 and have been pwning every spotpass ghost data I receive with ease. And as for Ghost Trick my save file became corrupt so I have to restart it (screw that!) and my TF2 addiction is slowing almost completely. About to buy Mega Man X and Mario is Missing for the SNES for $30 AUD also anybody in Australia who knows about the Nintendo Connection Tour will know about the limited edition OOT3d scroll that everybody who attended was able to win, I missed out on getting it by winning it though so I was very dissapointed, but a friend of mine won it and just recently he decided to sell it to me so now I have 2 things that are the pinnacle of my collection (the other being my zelda edition SP and the zelda 3ds I'm currently paying off) luckily for my budget's case 2012 will be a fairly quiet year for me so I can catch up with my debts.

new dlc for Portal 2

Just after my great moment getting the platnium trophy Valve decide to finally release Peer Review so now I have even more to do aside from getting talent show on the computer (it's not in the PS3 version) I have a whole new course to complete and time limits to break. XD

I got Portal 2!

I got portal 2 recently for PS3 and i need people to play co-op with. If you have it and haven't played co-op yet please message me, or anyone who has the game, my username is garfieldcomics please message me and friend me.