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I got an Xbox

I know it is kindof old but one of my friends offered it to me for 15$ so i took it with two free games: Halo & Halo 2 I also went out and bought Far Cry Instincts because i loved the original far cry but why the hell did the sequel come out on xbox??? So yeah I know have an Xbox

New Union

My G.R.A.W. union has been turned into the G.R.A.W./Bf2 union so more people might join so if you like the ghost recon series or the bf2 series................... join

UT 2004 mods

I have no clue where the UT 2004 system directory is almost all of the UT mods I downloaded  say to extract files in the UT 2004 system directory and none of them work cuz I dont know how or where that is PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!!!!!

THX a LOT to whoever can help me

Getting ahead

does anyine know of an easy way to get an emblem because i really want some more I would also be willing to work pretty hard to get one or two so anyone know of any????

Thx in advance

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