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Squad Based Shooters

I love playing squad based shooters. I love the mix of FPS with tactical strategy. I like having my guys lay down suppressing fire while me or my other squad goes around to flank from the side. I like the normal FPS as well, and being a super hero who can just soak up the bullets like a sponge has its moments, but there's just something extra with having to approach a firefight with some caution. They can be frustrating as all get out too. My big gripe, though, is how come there aren't more good squad based shooters? Games like Full Spectrum Warrior and Brothers in Arms. I liked Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter for the most part, and Rainbow Six: Vegas is definitely good, but how come so many games fall far short of implementing well done squad mechanics. Time and time again you hear that a developer will make controlling the squad as easy as pointing a gun. Then, you read reviews that say the squad AI is terrible and they might as well not be there. For someone like me who loves to think tactically, order my guys around, and really feel the intensity of a well orchestrated assault, it's frustrating that far too many games fall short of giving me that great squad, Band of Brothers, type feeling. What do you guys think?

Too much focus on online gaming

I know I am going to get flak for this, but here goes anyway.XBL is overrated, and it imo, a waste of money. I've had it before. It was cool for a while to play with friends that I don't normally get to see. But the basic matchmaking was no fun at all. I know some of you are thinking "well that's probably because you are no good." While not the best video gamer of all time, I am far from the worst when it comes to shooters. My main issue was with all the trash talk from people who areprobably afraid of their own shadow. Theylove todish it out all day long, but then be a littlepunk the moment that they start to get owned.

Honestly, I'm tired of the game developers spending so much time and money trying to make good online play. My reason: I think all that focus short changes the single player aspect of the game. Developers should put more time and effort into making great single player games, that then could be played co-op (with up to four players). Then campaigns could be lengthened instead of shortened to make room for all of the on-line content.