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It's been a while...

Hey guys, its been a good year or more since i've actually wrote one of these so i just thought i'd give you's all an update on my life and gaming.

Well, highschools been going pretty good i guess but the school works terrible. They just cram all the assignments into the last 3 weeks of school and its hard to stay on track. Other then that theres nothing else bad about highschool. I'm actually starting to not want to play rugby league anymore and start actually getting into film and all that stuff. That brings me on to my next thing. I've started up a youtube channel, its called 'irreleventgaming' and i'll be putting up some gaming videos and stuff up on it. I haven't actually put another on it yet but by next week i should have something.

I have no idea whats been happening on Gamespot lately because obviously i've been away for a while and i just realised how bad my profile is set out. So hopefully i can fix that up. soum Idon't actually know if anyones going to see this but if you do please comment! :) By the way if you've got a union and its preferrable based on off-topic, bleach, MMO or PS3 related please invite me! so heres an update on my gaming:

Some games i've been playing on PS3 are Infamous, Magic the gathering, Skate 3 (especially this one), Call of Duty BLACK OPS and Little Big Planet 2. Also my PSN ID has changed 3 times since the ol' 'Semmigodd' one. It is now BigMommaCheryl and no i'm not a girl, its an inside joke aha. I'm actually out of games to play at the moment and need some ideas so feel free to give me some :)

Now onto pc. On the pc i've been playinga bit of Oblivion, Crysis and also a little bit of Guild Wars but lastnight i found out lord of the rings online is free to download. So you know what i did? i downloaded it. It took me 2 hours buti guess it was worth it. I actually really need some help in it so if you have it add Hopkinson into your friends list and send me a message or if you want to download it, you can just go on the lotro official page. Oh and if you have guild wars hit me up with a pm, my characters name is Prince Runic and hes basically a full blown tank.

PLUS! I am soooo keen for the release of skyrim, i wish they'd just hurry up and bring it out though. only141 days and 22 hoursleft!alsoonly 22 days, 22 hours and9 minutes left until harry potter part 2 comes out :D

So thats all i've got to say, seeing as i had to rewrite it courtesy of well.. I don't even know what happened -___-
Beo out!

P.S: Apple juice is the key to my heart.

The Blog Of Awesomeness

THE BLOG OF AWESOMENESS: Hey guys this is the blog of awesomeness! You know wat that means? neither do i. Just thought i'd make a bit of an update with my life and stuff like that so read on.Nothing much has been going on with me but i'll still tell u all about it. The rugby league season is approaching and i'm ready to knock some people flat to the ground but what is really stupid is how the brothers football team is very lopsided wen i verse them beecause they have all the rep players that know how to play very well and with my team im the only rep player so it makes it hard to win against them.

High School:Now onto high school. High school is going awesome its way better than primary school the only thing i dont like is all that homework that you have to do that takes forever.i just came back fromthe rugby league trialsforthe highschool team and im pretty sure im gonna be in the A teamso im happy even though im a bit rusty i played pretty good especially since the last time i played rugby league was about 5 months ago. For school everyone in grade 8 got there own laptop so ive been on that heaps because its awesome but unfortunitly ive been too slack to post anything so im gonna try and become an officer in some unions so i can have a reason to go on Gamespot.

Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2?Well its nearly my birthday and i cant decide wat game to pick like always so i need some help so if you can help please send me a pm or comment on why i should get either Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2.

Conclusion: Well thats about all ive got to say so thanks for reading and i hope u enjoyed it.

Beo Out!

:O Whats Happening To Me!

haha nothing much is happening that was just a random title that i thought would get some people to read my blog. This is just an update on how trhings have been goin with me.

Well I started my first year of High School about a week ago and its AWESOME my voice has started to change and everything like that. High school is totally different to what i thougth it would be. Im having fun in all my classes and lookin forward to the school boys Rugby League.The Rugby League season is starting soon and im keen to smash some people in the tackles. Ive also changed my opions for modded weapons in Borderlands I dont mind them anymore because people have been changing them so they dont lag the game up badly but that doesnt mean i use them i still play the game without any modded weapons because it makes it more challenging and fun. My b'day is coming up soon so the next game i'll probably be getting will be Modern Wafare 2 but if im lucky i will get a new phone because im yet to find the one i lost but im startiung to think that one of my cousins accidently thought it was theres and put it in there bag.

So yeah thats basically all thats been happening wif me.

Beo Out!

I Couldnt Help Myself!

welli guess im back,Junglemanchild u were right. It was too hard for me to quit gamespot so im gonna stay. Now that im back I will tell u about wats been happening. The main presents I gotfor christmas were aNokia 6120 and Borderlands :D. Sadly i cant find my phone at the moment:(but im sure it will show up somewhere(well im hopeing). Borderlands is awesome! ive been playing it for about 2weeks now and im not sick of it its so addicting that i actually played for 14hrs straight :o.Ive currently only got the oringinal game, Ive got a lvl 50 Berserker, lvl 14 Hunter, lvl 28Soldier, lvl 24 Sirenand only hav 2 mor trophies that i can get for the original game. The only thing i hate about Borderlands is the stupid Hexed Weapons(Modified Weapon) mainly becoz they lag the whole system up badly.Ive also seen 2 movies Sherlock Holmes and Avatar. WOW they are good. Im not gonna say much about the movies mainly becoz im really good at giving away spoilers :) so yeah if ur looking for a good movie to watch and cant quite choose one go for one of these. So yeah im back I hope nothing big has happened in the week i was gone.

So i guess Beo In!

Aah Holidays :D

Well its that time of year again and i'm enjoying it alot for this Christmas im having my cousins from New Zealand come over to stay at my place and while there here in Australia my family and I will be travelling all over the place to towns Rockampton I'm lookin forward to it :). So that means around Christmas time i most probably wont be on much but then after Christmas i'll be as active as i usually am :D. This year for Christmas I want to get a phone and Modern Warfare 2!!! So i'm hopeing i'll get both. So what is everyone else doing for Christmas?

Beo Out!

The ACDC Union

Well ive just made an ACDC union and i am looking for some active Officersto help me build this union up. So if you want to help me out just join The ACDC Union and just be active and i'll promote you.

Beo Out!


For some reason over the past few weeks ive had this urge to play Bioshock. Now i dont know what triggered this urge but its gooten very annoying. Ive heard that its pretty scary and thats wats stopping me from downloading the demo from PSN.But im pretty sure i think its scarier than it actually is.So if someone can send me a pmto explain it to me then that would be really helpful.

Beo Out!

I Got Tagged!

If you don't know already ive been tagged. So im gonna say 10 things about myself.

10. My name is Harvey

9.I live in Mackay,QLD

8.I wasnt impressed with the Beowulf movie I just liked the name

7.I own a PSP, PS3,Super Nintendo and an Xbox

6.I'm a big fan of RPG's

5.I have 1 dog,1 guinea pig, 2 syamese fighter fish and 6 ghoulian finches

4. I love ACDC

3.I play Rugby League and Cricket

2.I am a Catholic Christian

1.I don't have a job

Ok so I guess I have to tag 3 more people now so I tag:


2. biggest_loser

3. sonic_323

So Yeah, Beo Out!

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