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30th Anniversary Blog- Nintendo Game Boy

Something I did not know until today Nintendo released the original Game Boy on April 21, 1989, meaning the beloved portable device is now 30 years old and still one of the best-selling handheld consoles of all time only in 3rd place where the Nintendo DS takes second place and the PlayStation 2 being at Number 1 on best-selling console.

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Launched in Japan back in April 21st 1989 it was launched with 4 games and one of them was Super Mario Land which was a success and selling over 18.06 million copies, making it the seventh-highest selling game of the Mario series and the fourth-highest selling game for the handheld. With it being a retro game and making it your first time playing a Mario game on a handheld it's nice to feel and know what games were like back then if you weren't around those days or you didn't own a Game Boy when you were a kid. I really do like the 2D styled graphics and the music as well, making it a fun to play when you're out and about. If you own a 3DS you can buy this on the Nintendo 3DS store if you wanted to.

Later during that it was released in North America on July 31st 1989 with 5 games at launch and one of the biggest sellers for outside of Japan and came with the Game Boy and a copy of Tetris which is still played by many gamers and newcomers alike. Tetris has been released on almost every system, including the Nintendo DS, Mobile Phones and on Facebook. Anyone can get into Tetris straight away as you're trying to clear multiple lines and flipping and switching blocks and shapes around. By rotating 90 degrees and using the directional pad to move the blocks and placing them down. There's actually two ways in playing Tetris on the Gameboy, the first is just trying to get the highest score on whatever speed drop you want the game on. And the second option is clearing lines from dropping the blocks downs such as clear 30 lines at once. Seems simple for anyone to follow, but can be really addictive after the first 5 minutes.

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Two-player mode is available where each player's objective is to remain in play for longer than the opponent. Each player plays with their own Game Boy, with the two consoles connected via the Game Link Cable. During gameplay, when a player scores a Double, Triple or Tetris, one or more incomplete row of blocks are added to the bottom of their opponent's stack, causing it to rise.

And then a year later it was finally released in UK/Europe on September 28th 1990 with only 3 games at launch which were Tetris, Super Mario Land and Alleyway. It was a few months and years even more games were released on the Game Boy including ported games that were on the NES, but on the Game Boy like DuckTales and Mega Man and also a ton of new games that were only released for it like Dr Mario, Donkey Kong Land, Kirby's Dream Land and also one of their biggest and bestsellers that has made millions of copies since 1996 and 1998 which were Pokémon Red and Blue.

I know that the original series had at least 150 Pokémon on Red, Yellow and Blue and after that there have been more than 200 Pokémon in the games in general which is an awful lot to catch and I've seen hard-core fans trying to capture all and get everything all at once which must have been a huge challenge for them. The fun part about the series is where nearly all of the games you can battle other players over Wi-Fi if you have a DS if they have a copy of the game and trade stuff and it was also the same with the games on the Gameboy but with a cable which looked clever but a lot has changed since 1998. There have been remakes for the DS which were both Heart Gold and Soul Sliver which were both remakes of Gold and Silver on the Gameboy Colour, when Black and White were released they even had a sequel, which were released not too long ago and this was the first time the series had an actual sequel for a game.

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The series even had spin-off titles like Pokémon Snap, Stadium, Mystery Dungeon and even a Pinball game; and yet they have also been successful games when it came to sales. As I mentioned before, I never liked the animation for the TV series, but I have met the voice actress- Veronica Taylor at SunnyCon 2012 she did the voicing for ASH in the series, everyone at the convention were really happy to meet her in person. I did feel sorry for her a little bit due to the fact that she said the same quotes over and over again "Pikachu I choose you" she was a nice person to speak outside of the show itself.

Yet another feature was added to the Game Boy was the Game Boy Printer which was a thermal-printer accessory released by Nintendo in 1998, while it ceased manufacture in early 2003. The Game Boy Printer is compatible with all the Game Boy systems except the Game Boy Micro, and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Game Boy Camera. Yet what may annoy certain gamers about the Game Boy was that this took AA batteries which were expensive back in the late 80's and early 90's if you were low on batteries you would have to go out and buy more if you kept playing with your Game Boy non-stop, AC adaptors were sold separately, but they had mixed-prices and some adaptors were faulty but if we look at today, you can easily pick up some AA batteries for under £1 or $1 at almost anywhere in your area and plus the latest handhelds come with a charger so there wouldn't be any reason to buying more batteries.

If you owned one when you were younger what were your favourite games and moments, or when did you get your first Game Boy? Let us know in the comments-

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