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10th Anniversary Blog- Resident Evil 5

Looking back 10 years ago this month doesn't feel that long, especially for a game that was released on that month worldwide for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Even I was excited to play Resident Evil 5 at the time was the game I was quite excited about during 2009 from the highly well-detailed graphics and visuals to the main story which I was hoping for some jump-scares and horror moments after seeing trailers and gameplay footage before the release, I remember seeing and hearing news about it during E3 2007 and the story being set in Africa thinking that it could have a twist to the gameplay where you would have to stay dehydrated on drinking water to survive which a few fans were expecting at that time. A lot of people thought that Resident Evil 5 was going to be great on next gen consoles; well you are sort of right and wrong on that one.

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Fans of the series will know what I'm talking about with the main story. But for new comers the story isn't that amazing mostly funny at certain parts of the game. Ten years after the destruction of Raccoon City, former S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team member Chris Redfield is an agent of the B.S.A.A. This paramilitary anti-bio-organic weapon organization travels the globe to seek out and destroy Umbrella's creations, which have fallen into the hands of terrorists following the collapse of the multinational pharmaceutical company. When Chris gets a tip that a known weapons dealer will be making a big deal in the remote African nation of Kijuju, he heads there to put a stop to it and learn what he can about the mysterious doomsday project known only as Uroboros. Chris is joined by Sheva Alomar, a local B.S.A.A. agent, and together they battle wave after wave of infected villagers, horribly mutated monsters, and even series arch nemesis Albert Wesker.

If you have played through Resident Evil 4 either on Cube or PS2. It's the same 3rd person controls you can easily aim for enemies in the head, unlike on the old Resident Evil games where you can't shoot most of the zombies in the head. Also returning to Resident Evil 5 is re-action commands which you have probably seen in other games where you might have to dodge attacks by pressing a random from enemies or certain cutscenes you'll really need to keep your eyes open because you may never know what is going to happen next.

The whole point on Resident Evil 5 is teamwork where you have to watch your partner, Sheva but having a partner can help you blast your way through over 20-30 enemies all at once. There will be times where your partner will be in trouble or badly hurt so you'll have to help your partner get back on their feet or get enemies of their backs. Throughout Resident Evil 5 you can only carry at least 9 items with you and your partner, you can't upgrade it to carry more weapons and items, but you will need to have to choose what you're going to take or what to pick up. At the end of each chapter or if you die you to the can buy or organize items or weapons, but you can also upgrade your weapons as well before going to what it is you were going to do before you died or going on to the next chapter or before taking out a boss.

I do regret not playing online on release, however wanted to go through the story alone and had the problem that your partner would try and waste all of your ammo and trading items back and forth. This did have online Co-Operative where you can play with a friend online or offline. Which you can either join in on a free-for-all or invite-only basis if your game session is set up to allow this from the get-go. But these conveniences, there are some frustrating hurdles that need to be leaped over before a partner can begin playing. Co-op isn't drop-in, so if someone joins, gameplay is interrupted and immersion is broken to some degree. You can't trade items or weapons with your friends like giving your friend an upgradeable weapon or mixed herbs.

When Capcom was putting a Resident Evil game on next gen consoles at the time the graphics for Resident Evil 5 are really impressive especially with it being set in Africa. But there is more action than in a horror game, meaning that there isn't much blood, gore and scariness which unlike the old Resident Evil games which ever you played them on that gave you nightmares at least in parts of the game. But there are a lot of detailed environments in every way like the beginning you start in an African town, then moving onto the mines and deserts of Africa and then blast your enemies in a factory facility. Most places in Resident Evil 5 are not scary or creepy there no dark places or certain areas of the game where if certain enemies cans from the dark and scares you or if you're opening a door a killer dog tries and attacks you. I think this is where I found the game quite disappointing in my own opinion where I thought it was going to have the gameplay mechanics that were used in Resident Evil 4 and having the horror aspect from the earlier games and putting them together would make total sense if you think about it luckily Capcom listened to the fans of the series soon after and made both Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake scary and bringing back the classic horror to both fans and gamers. Yet I still refuse to play Resident Evil 6 overall, not just for the poor reviews I just feel that Resident Evil 6 is going to be more like Resident Evil 5 more action and less horror. The reviews were mixed on release most of them were at least either a 7 or an 8/10 from both websites and magazines, it did however become the fastest-selling game on that month worldwide including Japan and the United Kingdom on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

A year after release, Capcom released the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 which included all DLC content, costumes and PlayStation Move support. Beating Campaign mode can take you over then 12 hours pending what difficulty you want it on. There a lot of things to do after beating Story you can replay the game carrying the weapons you've had before beating the game and there are hidden B.S.A.A. badges scattered throughout most levels to find to unlock new stuff. Trophy support was added if you want to get all trophies/achievements or getting a higher rank on certain chapters. Mercenaries mode returns again, which was a mini game where you have to take out as many enemies as you can on certain locations in Resident Evil 5.

What I will give credit for Resident Evil 5 ten years later that the graphics and visuals still hold up along with the cinematic visuals, making it feel like you were watching a movie then playing the game and some great voice acting. It may not be the best Resident Evil game. Fans of the series will feel disappointed where some fans thought that zombies were going to return unlike Resident Evil 4 where some people were annoyed that there weren't any zombies. But with the story set in Africa I thought there would be flesh eating animals like an Elephant/Monster type where it grabs you with its elephant trunk and eats in half or flesh eating monkeys that would rip you into shreds if you're near them. All of these ideas and thoughts would have been great it Capcom took a different approach to Resident Evil 5 in the past which all could have been good ideas for the horror aspect. I did finish the game around 3 am on the release day and as I've already mentioned, I hated the ending the most out of Resident Evil 5 and this is where I thought the series went downhill in my own opinion I will get around to playing either the remake of Resident Evil 2 or even Resident Evil 7 one day when I get around to it but I still refuse to play 6 till this day I have played Operation Raccoon City which was already bad enough for the price of 99p what could possibly go wrong.

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