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My thoughts about Call of Duty jumping back to the World War II setting

The last time I've played a Call of Duty game was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which was the game that blew everyone's mind with a good campaign story and a strong multiplayer, I had trouble finding this game at a good price a few weeks after release because the game was sold out at most places and when I finally got my hands on the game, I was quite impressed how real it looked for a war game set in modern day. But the real star was the online multiplayer okay yes it was fun and addictive when there were more players online all at once and as always, you'll get the odd rage quitters and angry gamer shouting over the mic.

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I did enjoy the online multiplayer and I can see why it was addictive but soon after a sequel was announced and playing too much of the multiplayer just felt like there wasn't much else for when it came to Call of Duty. Since then I've haven't been paying much attention to the franchise soon after just lost interest and played other shooter games instead like Killzone 2, The Darkness, Portal and Far Cry.

I understand why Activision and Infinity Ward changed directions before Call of Duty 4 because back after 2006 when Call of Duty 3 was released there wasn't anything else much to cover on World War II. When Call of Duty was against Medal of Honor series there was a competition on which game stood out more when it comes to World War II games. There hasn't been another Medal of Honor for quite a while now where their last game was Medal of Honor: Warfighter which was released in 2012 and it felt like it wasn't going to compete with Call of Duty after the poor sales and mixed reviews after release.

With the recent news happening this week that the next Call of Duty will be released sometime in November but it's setting will be going back to its original roots on the World War II setting. I know that a few people were surprised by this announcement and didn't expect it to happen or at least have another Call of Duty game either set in the future or in alternate universe in the modern day, but jumping back on board with the World War II setting does make you think why make this jump? We know that EA Dice released Battlefield 1 back in November but their story and setting was based on the First World War was a good idea to see in a video game especially after it got positive reviews from both fans and critics. The only other game that managed pull a good story based on the First World War was Valiant Hearts which was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier but was more of a puzzle-adventure game then a shooter.

There will be more information later this week but I am curious to see where this goes especially having a World War II game being released on next-gen consoles including graphics and visuals. Also, where about in history they'll focus more on when it comes to World War II, will we see the Invasion of Normandy or the Battle of Stalingrad or maybe the other way round instead of playing the role of Allies instead you play the role of the Axis, there's nothing wrong in helping the younger generation knowing more history about World War II you could say that this might help them or might even help you in understanding history a little bit more. Only time will tell after we'll get more information about it by tomorrow or later this week including a price tag, a collector’s edition and DLC content. likely more information will also get mentioned at E3 as well in June.

What are your thoughts about Call of Duty jumping back to the World War II setting?

Let us know in the comments-

Thoughts about the mini SNES and games

If you've managed to pick up a mini NES a few months back you are already lucky enough to have one, after the release of the mini NES they were completely sold out for both stores and online sites at the price of £49.99. After they were sold out the price of getting one either at CEX or ebay the price of picking one up were worth more than £110 in most places, the price may seem crazy but with them being out of stock it can be hard finding one at a cheap price or unless you are collector but then again you may be better off picking up an actual NES if you see it at around the same price but you would have to pay more on games you want to play on it.

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The mini NES had 30 games in the console including Mega Man 2, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania. The idea of having 30 games was a cool idea when I looked at the list of what games were added seems like a good list but there some games I was wanting to see but weren't on the list including DuckTales, Dragon Quest, Contra or even Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I have seen a few people online adding more games to the console by using an emulator and adding more games to it.

With the recent discontinuation of the mini NES worldwide, Nintendo have stated that they'll be working on a mini SNES and hoping to be released by Christmas 2017, it's likely that this console could be more successful than the mini NES itself because SNES has had many classic titles in the past and had a strong completion rival with Sega on the Sega Mega Drive or the Sega Genesis which ever you want to call it by. I can understand why Nintendo would rather discontinue on the mini NES and focus on the mini SNES which could very be a huge success. There's been reports that the size would be similar to the mini NES and very likely you could use the SNES controller as a controller either for the Nintendo Switch or possibly the Wii U giving you another option for a controller for play games if it happened.

But what I am curious is what games will be added to it, if it's going to have at least 30 games to the system odds are we'll probably see the likes of Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Street Fighter II to the collection. But if the system is going to have other games like Chrono Trigger, EarthBound, Final Fantasy III (VI) and Super Mario RPG; it could make more people wanting to pick one up or at least play a few games that people have missed out would now get a second chance in playing a certain game that they may have missed out on. Even I wouldn't mind picking one of these up if there's a good library of RPG games being added.

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Going back to the topic on the rival between Nintendo and Sega in the early 90s' before the PlayStation took the world by storm both Nintendo and Sega had a great library of games. I've never owned a SNES myself the only time I've played one was at a friend’s house but I did however own a Sega Mega Drive some of my favourite games were Sonic 1, Streets of Rage, Earthworm Jim, Lion King, Revenge of Shinobi and Micro Machines 2. A few articles were posted online a while back that Sega have released their mini console called the Sega Mega Drive Classic which was released a while back with a price around £49.99 but has 80 games in total including all Sonic games and the Mortal Kombat series, seems like a good list of games but looking at the list games added it's pretty much all the Sega classics we've already seen before in the past in one collection on other systems and handhelds.

But when looking at both the mini SNES and the Sega Mega Drive it feels like it's lacking a few good games either you loved them or hated them including Micro Machines, Bubsy, Alisia Dragoon or any good Disney game. Capcom developed a few Disney games for the SNES and Virgin Interactive developed Disney games for the Sega Mega Drive, both versions played similar but Aladdin on the Sega Mega Drive got more praises and reviews from both gamers and critics but the SNES version had well done visuals and clever level designs.

Capcom did publish The Disney Afternoon Collection while Digital Eclipse were developing released for PS4, Xbox One and Steam; the collection includes DuckTales, DuckTales 2, TailSpin, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and Rescue Rangers 2 and Darkwing Duck. All of them were all originally released on the NES but it does make you think why the odd titles weren't added in the mini NES bundle when it was released a few months back, but with the game now released if it does well in sales it is likely that Capcom would either release another Disney Collection based on classic movies but if Sega jumps on board with this idea which version would you want to play these games on a next-gen console? Would you rather play the Mega Version of these games on the PS4 or would you rather play the SNES version of these games on the PS4? It is a good question to think about but we'll know sooner or later if it happens or unless some Disney games get added to the mini SNES when more information gets announced sooner or later.

What games do you want to see and play on the mini SNES when its released?

Let us know in the comments-

Free Comic Book Day 2017- Write It Down In Your Calendars

The first Saturday of May is in fact Free Comic Book Day in both North America and in the UK, not sure if other countries have this event in their local stores, Free Comic Book Day has been around since 2002 around the same time when Spider-Man was released in Cinemas to take advantage of the film's heavy promotion and related press about the comic book medium and thus the first event was held May 4, 2002, one day after the film's opening.

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Since then there has always been a film based on a comic series or Superhero franchise to help boost sales in comics and Cinema boosts during the first two weeks. However, if you live the UK like I do the Bank Holiday weekend slides in on that weekend in the first week with it being a Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, so this sort of a perfect way to spend the weekend plus grabbing some free comics and manga. But unfortunately, Free Comic Day is the weekend after the Bank Holiday weekend this year if you live in the UK. Which is a shame but I'm sure most people like myself would still spend a decent weekend at least.

On Free Comic Book Day participating comic book store retailers give away specially printed copies of free comic books, you do get a mix of comics including Marvel, DC, Archie, Bongo and Dark Horse comics. Manga like Tokyopop, Shoenen Jump and Kodansha Comics would throw in the first few pages of a new Manga series that'll be released in a few weeks or months or even welcoming new people in to reading when it comes to Comics and Manga. In addition to comic books, some stores also give away other merchandise, such as mini posters and other movie tie-in memorabilia.

This year's Free Comic Day which will be on May 6th will offer comics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Attack on Titan, The Simpsons, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rick & Morty, Doctor Who, Wonder Woman and Dragon Ball Super. There are many more on the list if you look on their website however there are many more series and franchises that you can get for free. Not all stores but certain stores across countries or even places where you live would have a back issue department where you can pick up Issues of certain Comics at a really cheap instead of paying full price for a comic that was released a few months like Decembers issue of Star Wars or Civil War II you can easily pick that issue for 50p if you like in their back issues boxes it'll also include certain board games and graphics novels as well at a good price making it cheaper than buying them online from sites like Amazon. Some retailers and stores would organize stuff like a quiz, cosplay contest, or getting an artist to sign stuff which you can either get for free or pay a very small price on something you would request.

As I've already said this is also a good way to getting someone or even a friend in to a new series or even getting them in to this kind of thing, if they want a good story plot or even a unique art style that you can get in some issues and volumes making it a reason why you should pick up later issues in the future. But it is nice that this has become a yearly event every year since 2002 you can tell it's been here for quite a while and hopefully they'll carry this tradition in the future especially if you live the UK because it feels kind of special if you are a comic nerd or a manga geek and a great way to spend your weekend.

Don't forget to mark it in your calendar or on your phone that May 6th is Free Comic Book Day.

Have you picked up any good free comics in the past?

Let us know in the comments-

Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell

I can remember buying both Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence on Blu-ray for both £5 during my first convention and weekend at MCM October 2010, both movies still stand out today when it comes to art and animation when hearing about a live-action remake being distributed by Paramount Pictures and being directed by Rupert Sanders who was behind directing Snow White and the Huntsman which I heard was a bad movie, it really did make me think how good a live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell would turn out to be.

There's been a fair few live-action remakes of certain anime franchises like Attack on Titan, Death Note and Gantz but all had mixed-reviews where you either love them or hated them due to comparing the differences being taken in and taken out of both the anime and manga versions. When looking at Ghost in the Shell does try to stick close to the original but it kind of fails what it delivers but like most movies either based on a book or game adaptation it's always going to have mixed-reviews from both fans and critics.

For anyone who isn't a fan of Ghost in the Shell or haven't even heard of it until now the story is set in the near future, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind: a human who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals. When terrorism reaches a new level that includes the ability to hack into people's minds and control them, Major is uniquely qualified to stop it. As she prepares to face a new enemy, Major discovers that her life was stolen instead of saved. Now, she will stop at nothing to recover her past while punishing those who did this to her. I did like the idea of Scarlett Johansson playing as Major which it felt like she was the right actor for playing the main role in the movie, but also like that Takeshi Kitano played the role of Chief Daisuke Aramaki it is a neat idea to have the both English and Japanese actors in one film.

What made Ghost in the Shell impressive for a live-action remake is the 3D visuals and effects that were used in it, looking at the skyscrapers with hologram images is a nice touch with the story being set in 2029 where technology has pretty much advanced and most majority of humans are augmented with cybernetics. The stunts and 3D visuals do make a nice touch either you plan on watching it either in 2D or 3D the visuals just make it the reason why you would want to watch this movie in the first place.

For a live-action remake that lasts for 106 minutes in total, I would say that this is one of the most decent live-action anime movies we'll see especially when being directed by English producers and directors but makes you think what the next movie treatment will get adaptation next, but overall Scarlett Johansson still does an amazing job but with a cloud of mystery fogging her mind but if you are a fan of the franchise you may have mixed thoughts about the film but would still say it's worth watching for the visuals and 3D effects.

3/5 (3 Star film rating)

Hope you've enjoyed reading my movie review :D

Loving Persona 5 and the thought about JRPG games rising from the ashes

This thought and questions came through to me a few days ago after spending more than a good 25 hours on Persona 5, with the positive scores and reviews it's been receiving especially with it being a PlayStation exclusive on both PS3 and PS4. I was quite surprised how well it did on its first week of sales after it's released for both North America and UK/Europe selling over 1.5 million copies even being at number one in the UK Sales charts beating both Grand Theft Auto V and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I am curious to see how long Persona 5 can last in the top ten sales chart for the UK, but after spending a good week so far, I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing in Persona 5, of course I don't want to mention spoilers to anyone who haven't played it yet.

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From what I've seen and played so far in Persona 5, I can easily see this game winning quite a few awards for 2017, but with other games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil 7 being huge hits for 2017 at the moment it is going to be a strong year for gaming.

But the thought about Persona 5 being one of the best JRPG games to come out of the eighth-generation of gaming this is a very good start for those who are new to the Persona series or new to JRPG games. Persona 4 was my first game I've played in the series back in 2009 and I was really surprised how good it was for a PlayStation 2 game and is still my all-time favourite game in general. Soon after played Persona 3 and yes, I was hooked on the game as well for its story telling, social-links, music and art style used in the series. For Persona 5 is pretty much the same thing after the first few minutes are easily drawn into the story and the more hours I've put into Persona 5 I couldn't even put the game down, it’s also one of those games you want to take your time with don't try to rush it.

Other than the Persona series there have been other JRPG games I've enjoyed playing in the past including Ni No Kuni, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD Remix, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 4 and Tales of Graces. Over the years when the seventh generation was around consoles like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii had a very small library of JRPG games in their collection it was more of the case that the handhelds had some of the best JRPG games in their library, but after the release of the PlayStation 4 in 2013 it's like the JRPG genre is slowly rising from the ashes and climbing back on top in the gaming community. The many reasons why most people bought a PS4 were to play certain games like Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III or even Disgaea 5, but when Final Fantasy XV was released back in November it sold more on the PS4 than it did on the Xbox One; the sales are still strong but the reviews were mixed from both fans and critics, don't get me wrong I enjoyed Final Fantasy XV for its story and soundtrack but felt like it could have been a little better for a Final Fantasy game but still an enjoyable title none the less.

When looking at the current line-up of JRPG games that are released at the moment most of them are released on the PlayStation 4 and it wouldn't surprise me if it does climb back on top with games like Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV and Tales of Zestiria leading the way even Kingdom Hearts 0.2 surprised me on its stunning visuals can easily draw you in, I'm pretty sure they'll be more good JRPG games coming up very soon including Final Fantasy VII Remake still being one of the most hyped games for the PlayStation 4 at the moment.

If you excuse me I'm off to play more Persona 5.

What are thoughts about JRPG games at the moment?

Let us know in the comments-

Can Microsoft turn things around with Xbox Scorpio?

Almost forgotten about this until now after reading the news through Twitter, Microsoft announced back at E3 2016 during their Press Conference a more powerful version of an Xbox One called Xbox Scorpio which will have a powerful GPU with a 4K and high quality visuals. Like the PlayStation Pro, Scorpio will have more of a powerful CPU with eight customs x86 core clocked at 2.3GHz, with a 12 GB memory and a 326 GB/s memory bandwidth and a 1 TB 2.5-inch hard drive but it will also include 4K UHD Blu-ray from what most sites have gathered when comparing Scorpio with the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One.

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From the looks of things Microsoft wants to try and compete with the PlayStation 4 Pro when it comes to powerful console hardware and sales. But it also wants to bring developers back on board on supporting the Xbox One when it comes to games, if you look back the relationship with developers and Microsoft with the Xbox 360 there were some good games being developed for the console and also sales when certain games were on multiplatform where most people bought something like FIFA or a movie title game or even Call of Duty most people bought it on the Xbox 360 due to the fact that the console was a little cheaper than the PlayStation 3 and also more choice of games where Nintendo released family-friendly games for the Nintendo Wii.

Now when you look at the current sales with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in general, the sales are still growing strong for the PlayStation 4 including its library of games but when looking at the sales for the Xbox One since its release aren't as strong as they are expecting but still decent at least when comparing the two but also the games that are available for the console as well. Microsoft keeps adding more and more Xbox 360 games to the compatibility list but certain games have also gotten the HD remastered treatment for the Xbox like the Master Chief Collection, Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto V. There's also been rumours that Scorpio might be even more powerful than a PC in general if you do play games on your PC or laptop, but from the looks of things it wants to be more of a PC console there should be more information on it by E3 in June.

From looking at all of this could it be a little like what had happened to the Sega Dreamcast? Sega wanted to release a new console and competing with Sony with their console on the PlayStation and making certain deals with developers on releasing certain games on that console first as an exclusive title encouraging people to picking up their console. From what I've seen for the Sega Dreamcast had the right moves and ideas for a console making it the first console to have online multiplayer but what it was lacking was a DVD player when the PlayStation 2 was announced it did have DVD support and was also a cheaper option to buying a DVD player but also gave most people a choice to either use it to watch films or use it to play games. For the Scorpio however still leaves me with questions on where could this all go after it's been released sometime during Holiday 2017 including a price tag which could be around $499 which is a little steep and more expensive then the PlayStation 4 Pro but what Sony is doing with the PlayStation 4 Pro is having it at a good price tag and offering some choices on what game bundles to add with it.

If Microsoft does go down a similar path to what Sony has done release the console at that price including some games to the bundle it could change things around for Microsoft but it really depends on what thoughts come out of the public, gamers and developers before making this purchase. Some might worry that it could be a flop on release but in the past certain games have been cancelled on the Xbox One like Scalebound and Fable Legends were one of the many reasons why most people would pick up an Xbox One but if future games for example like Cuphead or Crackdown 3 or even Sea of Thieves got cancelled this would be one of Microsoft's biggest downfalls and most developers wouldn't think of developing games for their system in the future.

For the time being we'll have to wait and see what will happen next including more information on Scorpio at E3 in June during their Press Conference.

What are your thoughts on Scorpio?

Let us know in the comments-

10 Years Later- Gurren Lagann

We've all had that question from a friend or a person you know on what anime to check out especially if they've just started watching anime in general, most people would say I'd highly recommend you watching or checking the likes of either FullMetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan or even Cardcaptors. But there has been one that still stands out 10 years later and most people would say it's worth watching and taking a look at which is Gurren Laggann.

The first thing that may put the odd people off is the animation art style but after watching the first episode you find out that the series gets really good, I was easily hooked onto the series after watching the first two episodes. I think I remember watching the series when it started and this was during both my second and third year at college, when Kill la Kill was on back during 2013 - 2014 which was made by the same director Hiroyuki Imaishi who was also the co-founder of the studio Trigger. When Kill la Kill had finished back in 2014, did went back to re-watching Gurren Laggann again and easily forget how memorable and funny the series is.

Story follows both Simon and Kamina who were born and raised in a deep, underground village, hidden from the fabled surface. Kamina is a free-spirited loose cannon bent on making a name for himself, while Simon is a timid young boy with no real aspirations. One day while excavating the earth, Simon stumbles upon a mysterious object that turns out to be the ignition key to an ancient artifact of war, which the duo dubs Lagann. Using their new weapon, Simon and Kamina fend off a surprise attack from the surface with the help of Yoko Littner, a hot-blooded redhead wielding a massive gun who wanders the world above. In the aftermath of the battle, the sky is now in plain view, prompting Simon and Kamina to set off on a journey alongside Yoko to explore the wastelands of the surface. Soon, they join the fight against the Beastmen, humanoid creatures that terrorize the remnants of humanity in powerful robots called Gunmen. Although they face some challenges and setbacks, the trio bravely fights these new enemies alongside other survivors to reclaim the surface, while slowly unraveling a galaxy-sized mystery.

To anyone who has seen the series truly know how painful episode 8 was, I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't watched the series yet but after watching episode 8 you just feel empty and sad because you know that the last few minutes of episode 8 is just sad to watch especially when there's a certain character you really like who turns out to be the favourite character in the series.

No Caption Provided

The series had 27 episodes in total but if I'm honest it was the first half of episodes 1 - 15 had some of the best moments and but the other half just didn't feel like it was memorable but still worth watching. The art style and animation still looks impressive ten years later when it comes to anime, because seeing that kind art style used in an anime looks impressive and at the time when I was at college I was blown away how well detailed it looked. I have watched both versions in English and Japanese, I was even lucky to meet Kyle Hebert back in 2014 at Newcastle-Con who voiced Kamina. I have seen the odd people cosplaying from Gurren Lagann at certain conventions I would be surprised if there were few people cosplaying for this year with it being the 10th anniversary since it was first aired in Japan in 2007.

Did you also know that back in 2007 there were heavy influences with the series that there were some political debates over the British Union Flag should be updated by incorporating the Welsh Dragon, The Daily Telegraph newspaper held a competition to readers to design the new flag; it wasn't until a few months after a design was submitted from Norway won the competition winning by a wide margin of 55% of the votes. I do remember seeing an image of the flag either in the newspaper or online but the design of having a design look that was awesome to look at. I would have loved to have that as the British Union Flag in general, the Norwegian designer who wished to remain anonymous said he intended the flag to represent the union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in a modern, cool light and said it represents shouting "UNION!" and joining together; kicking reason to the curb and doing the impossible; fighting the power, and piercing the heavens.

Comparing to other anime series I've watched like FullMetal Alchemist and Hunter X Hunter 2011, Gurren Lagann is on my top five favourite anime series in general. When looking back 10 years from now it still holds up today as well for watching anime in general and I'm pretty sure that in the future many people would still recommend this series to the next generation, I still think 2007 was a great year for gaming but also a great year for anime in general.

Did you watch Gurran Lagann when it was first shown?

Is it still on your favourite list when it comes to watching anime?

Let us know in the comments-

Anime Spring Line-Up 2017

With Winter coming to an end and Spring is right around the corner and the line-up for Anime lined up between January - March list of series was impressive a lot of people I know have enjoyed watching stuff like Blue Exorcist Season 2, Little Witch Academia, Idol Jihen and Akiba's Trip The Animation being the most popular ones out of the list for most people and magazines saying they were highly recommend worth watching. A ton of new anime would have started by this week and next week here is a list of a few anime's worth checking out if you have the time between now and until the end of June.

Attack on Titan Season 2-

Taking place after the events of Season 1, Eren Jaeger swore to wipe out every last Titan, but in a battle for his life he wound up becoming the thing he hates most. With his new powers, he fights for humanity’s freedom facing the monsters that threaten his home. After a bittersweet victory against the Female Titan, Eren finds no time to rest a horde of Titans is approaching Wall Rose and the battle for humanity continues.

Clockwork Planet-

Everyone on the Clockwork Planet considers Naoto Miura a machinery nut. Every moment of every day, he has his mind on gears and his hands tinkering with delicate mechanical motors, but nobody understand how he can hear and feel gears in operation, even from a long distance away. Then one day, a clockwork maiden falls from the sky, presaging events that would shake the whole world.

My Hero Academia Season 2-

Izuku has dreamt of being a hero all his life, a lofty goal for anyone, but especially challenging for a kid with no superpowers. That’s right, in a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered quirk, Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal. But that’s not going to stop him from enrolling in one of the world’s most prestigious hero academies. Now, the only thing standing between him and his first class is the academy’s formidable entrance exam, nothing a little private tutoring from the world’s mightiest hero can’t solve.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation-

This is a world of the skies, where many islands drift in the sky. A boy named Gran and a talking winged lizard named Vyrn lived in Zinkenstill, an island which yields mysteries. One day, they come across a girl named Lyria. Lyria had escaped from the Erste Empire, a military government that is trying to rule over this world using powerful military prowess.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations-

The Hidden Leaf Village has entered an era of peace and modernity. Tall buildings line the streets, giant screens flash with images, and the Thunder Rail runs through the village, connecting each district together. Though it's still a ninja village, the number of civilians has increased and the life of the shinobi is beginning to change. As a series of mysterious events begins to unfold, it’s up to Boruto and his new friends to handle them. Like a gale-force wind, Boruto makes his own way into everyone's hearts; his story is about to begin.

Sakura Quest-

The story centres on five girls who work in the tourism bureau of their small provincial town. The town revives its micro-nation tourism program, which originated from a nationwide movement during Japan's bubble economy period, and hires the five girls as monarchs which are tourism ambassadors. The anime will depict one year in their jobs in the tourism industry, and show how they change and grow.

Tsuki ga Kirei-

Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno became third year students at junior high school and are classmates for the first time. These two, along with fellow classmates, Chinatsu Nishio and Takumi Hira, relate to their peers through mutual understandings and feelings. As their final year at junior high school progresses, the group overcome their challenges to mature and become aware of changes in themselves.

Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!-

What's your brother like? To Miao, her brother Fen is someone who would tease her and make her explode 100 times a day; not a peaceful day as the two are fighting every single minute. However, when troubles come, Fen will become a caring, loving brother who protects his little sister at all cost.

Frame Arms Girls-

The story begins when Ao opens a package that arrives at her doorstep. Inside the package is Gourai, a Frame Arms Girl: a small robot capable of independent movement. Gourai is a newly-developed prototype: a Frame Arms Girl equipped with an Artificial Self, an advanced AI that gives her a personality. Ao is the only one that has activated her. Gourai begins to gather both battle data and emotions, starting a day-to-day life with Ao, who knows nothing about Frame Arms Girls.


Kazuya Kagami's most treasured possession in the world is the obi left to him by his late mother. The scent of cherry-blossoms infused into it helps him through his day but he never expected it to save his life, becoming a beautiful kimono-clad girl who calls herself an artifact spirit. Her name is Kiriha, tsukumogami of the sash, who naturally moves in with him, as he is her owner. Throw in Chisato, his bespectacled friend, an overprotective older sister who wants to take baths with him, a busty priestess, a seductive sorceress named Kokuyoura, and Kazuya's life has just gotten a lot more interesting.

Other Anime to check out during Spring-

  • Seikaisuru Kado
  • Berserk Season 2
  • Fukumenkei Noise
  • Natsume Yuujinchou Roku Season 6
  • Gin no Guardian
  • Alice to Zouroku
  • Re:Creators
  • Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul
  • Sakurada Reset
  • Busou Shoujo Machiavellism
  • Eromanga-sensei
  • Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
  • Sword Oratoria
  • Sekai no Yami Zukan
  • Hinako Note
  • Kabukibu!
  • Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys
  • Atom: The Beginning
  • Cinderella Girls Gekijou
  • Twin Angel Break
  • Warau Salesman New
  • Future Card Buddyfight X Season 4
  • The Snack World
  • Yu Gi Oh! VRAINS
  • ID-0

Any anime that you'll be watching for Spring?

Let us know in the comments-

Still can't stop shaking from the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour

If you've missed my last blog on KupoCon: Mind The Pom you can check it out on that link, so today is in fact the 15th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts which was first released in Japan on March 28th 2002. I love the franchise that much and at the age of 12 I was slowly getting into more RPG games and of course Final Fantasy IX being both my first RPG and first game I've played in the Final Fantasy franchise, the Kingdom Hearts series has come a long way since it was first released in 2002 and from then onwards I was always looking forward to playing the next game in the series.

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Another thing that makes the series so great is the soundtrack, started listening to more video game music after playing both Final Fantasy IX and Kingdom Hearts after finishing both games for the first time in 2003. After attending KupoCon and having an amazing day my friend kept this a secret since my birthday back in July and only found 30 minutes before the event which turned out to be the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour.

Heard about the World Tour almost a year ago, when most of my friends kept tagging me and telling me about this on Facebook. I knew straight away that it would be sold as soon it was announced but when my friend surprised me, I was shocked and couldn't stop shaking for a good 30 minutes because Kingdom Hearts has been one of the franchises that I love playing not just for story, gameplay or music it's the imagination that makes the series that special.

The World Tour started at Tokyo on March 10th, Paris on both 18th and 19th March and London was both 24th and 25th March. It is heading to Singapore and Shanghai in May and Los Angeles and New York both in June but it is quite likely that most of their tickets have already sold out if you live in North America you may want to check if there's any tickets still available if you are lucky to get your hands on them.

Going back to the London event, there were quite a few Kingdom Hearts cosplayers at the event, did pick up some merchandise before the orchestra started, the CD's were already sold out but did however pick up two t-shirts for myself and for my friend but also picked up Conductor Baton Keyblade and the Program Pamphlet. I was really surprised how well the Program Pamphlet looked were the pages were all laminated including some official artwork from Tetsuya Nomura and Shiro Amano who worked on the manga series. It also mentioned about Yoko Shimomura's music journey and her love of music for the Kingdom Hearts franchise; there was also a conversation with both Nomura and Yoko Shimomura about both the music and organising the program event for the World Tour.

The music that was at the World Tour was also mentioned in the Program Pamphlet giving more information on each of the tracks that were playing live and a brief description on what were Yoko's thoughts and secrets behind the music. Yoko Shimomura was at London and she was very pleased to see how much the series has grown since it was released and to how much the fans love the franchise for what it is. The first piece to be played was Hikari - Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Instrumental version which is the star piece when it comes to both music and to the series, hearing this in person at a live orchestra just makes it even more special instead of hearing it either in the games or on YouTube. Each piece had different sets of emotions that made me feel like I wanted to play the series again other pieces were played including Fate of the Unknown, Organization XIII, Dearly Beloved - KH II Ver, The World of Kingdom Hearts and Vector to the Heavens.

By the time the World Tour had finished I was sad that it ended so soon because I really enjoyed hearing some classic music from the franchise and even seeing Yoko Shimomura welcoming and saying thank you for coming to the event. I was lost for words on the World Tour attending something like this would never happen to me but guess I was very lucky to see it in person and I really do thank my friend for surprising me with this and going through the trouble of keeping a secret for a few months before after my birthday back in July. Even after the event had finished I was still shaking and in shock from all of this it wasn't until Monday afternoon I couldn't stop shaking due to the fact that I was there to see if they showed a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer during that weekend would freaked out if it happened luckily it didn't. If you manage to catch a live orchestra on your favourite video game music or franchise I'd highly recommend you to see it live if you can because it is worth the experience seeing on stage, I know there's been a few on other games including Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and Silent Hill.

Here are a few photos I took from the World Tour and bought stuff as well-

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KupoCon: Mind The Pom

Where do I even begin here? Pretty much had the best weekend when it comes to two of my favourite game franchises all in one day, if you've read my last blog on 15th Anniversary Blog- Kingdom Hearts this one really did surprise me. My friend kept this a secret since my birthday back in July and only found 30 minutes before the event which turned out to be the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour. But I'll be saving that for another blog, the other event I went which I had no knowledge about but this was a last-minute thing that my friend wanted to do, I've only heard of the name of the convention but that's about it from both facebook and twitter.

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I've been to multiple conventions over the past few years but a convention based on Final Fantasy was something I didn't see coming. The Final Fantasy series has been around for thirty years now where each game has had a different story, setting, memorable characters and moments in the series.

KupoCon is simply a Final Fantasy fan event, made by the fans of Final Fantasy. There are a number of small unofficial fan events that take place in the western world, KupoCon wanted to take it to the next level. They are aiming to produce a fan gathering of unique style and proportion. Their aim is to simply bring together a large number of fans and celebrate the series we love through various activities. KupoCon was only a 1 day event. There was one held at Newark NJ back in January, one was held in London which was the one me and my friend went to and there is another being held at Toronto in December.

For a fan event I was really surprised how good it was for a first convention, the London event was held at the Royal National Hotel at Central London. Depending on what ticket you bought either Slowga which was the standard day pass, Cactuar pass which was the pass I got came with a wristband, tote bag, a quest log book and a pack of cards, that's right cards. There was also the Anima pass which was the premium pass which got you more extra stuff and early signings from the guests. When I mentioned that you get cards not just a pack of plain cards or the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, you get a pack of Triple Triad cards if you've played the card games either in Final Fantasy VIII or IX you'll know what I'm talking about with these cards. This is a unique idea to see especially if you've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy games.

They did have card tournament if you wanted to enter and gain more cards but you did have another option to collect more cards you had to complete certain quest in your quest book to get a certain card. Like example if you wanted to get the Sazh card you needed to complete the Chocobo Ranch game once you've complete the challenge you get your quest log book stamped and you get your card. Simple and fun at the same time each of the challenges they had you would get a new card like complete 30 squats by doing Big Bro's Challenge and get a Cloud card. They had other challenges too where some of them you may remember in other Final Fantasy games like Yevon Yoga, throwing a frog in Quina's net so a Quina cosplay can eat them, attending special panels and getting something signed by the guests.

KupoCon had three guests from all from Final Fantasy XV, you've had Jon Campling who voiced King Regis, Liam Mulvey who voiced Libertus from Kingsglaive and Ray Chase who voiced Noctis, The Master from Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Edgar from World of Final Fantasy. Managed to meet the guests and a lot of fans did ask some good questions on how they got into voice acting or their experiences when voicing certain characters, I did get my copy of Final Fantasy XV signed by both Noctis and King Regis, there was a long line for signings but it was worth it in the end.

A convention wouldn't be a convention with cosplayers, there were a lot of Final Fantasy cosplayers especially XV cosplayers but was surprised that there were quite a few Final Fantasy IX cosplayers at the event. There were some amazing cosplayers at KupoCon, it was also my first time doing a Final Fantasy cosplay myself ended up cosplaying as Ignis just needed a smart suit and get my hair and my friend was cosplaying as Terra but it was awesome there were a few Final Fantasy VI and Kingdom Hearts cosplayers at the event too.

Overall I really enjoyed KupoCon haven't this much fun at a convention especially with it being based on the Final Fantasy series, it has been confirmed that they'll be back with another UK event for next year for 2018 and hopefully a few more around the world but there is another KupoCon being held in Toronto in December. As a Final Fantasy fan I would highly recommend this convention if you have the chance especially if you love the series but its the staff who put it altogether if it wasn't for them there wouldn't be a Final Fantasy fan event.

Here are a few photos I took on the day-

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