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@GTR12: Thank you very much you helped a lot!

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@GTR12: Firslty I would like to thank you for the reply, I do however have some more questions on the subject and would be very grateful if you could answer them. I tried to make them as clear as possible this time around.

1. I would like to buy all of my content (games, dlc, ps+) from the Canadian store. Is this possible even while only living in Belgium (I have a house there so billing address and cc isn't a problem)? Would the content work when playing in Belgium or any other country?

2. I did a little more research to find that my UI language also changes the language of the games. I am not sure however if this is the case with digitally downloaded games. If I use a Belgian psn account will all the games be in French or Dutch (the only languages available in the Belgian store)? I understand both languages well but I would prefer the game be in English.

3. Also as the bundle I will get comes with some free dlc, I am buying the bundle from Belgium and I was wondering if the fact it is in a bundle will give me the ability to redeem on the Canadian store?

4. Can I use a game DISK from Belgium (region EU) and play it's game's dlc that I bought on the Canadian store (Region NA)?

5. You said I couldn't redeem any codes to the US region if bought in Belgium. Does this include content I bought from Belgium whilst on the ps Canadian store (directly from playstation NA and not from something like

6. Will the store be region locked? If I create a Canadian account will I only have access to the Canadian playstation ONLINE STORE or will it give me the Belgian store regardless (as I live in Belgium)?

That sums up all the remaining questions I have. I am not quite sure how to play around and make two accounts work together as you suggested (I know... I'm a noob) so I would rather only use one account, preferably the Canadian one. I would be very thankful if you would be (or anyone) so kind to answer my question. :)

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So I am going to get a ps4 soon and as I have never owned one before I would be interested in knowing a couple of things involving the psn store. Btw I am new to gamespot forums as well so sorry if I make any mistakes or anything. Any help is greatly appreciated :) I would also like to add that I have spent a fair bit of time searching these questions up but answers where not very clear.

I added this at the end but realized all my questions where getting really complicated so yeah. Here is my question: Basically the reason I ask all these questions is because I am getting a ps4, the black ops 3 bundle version, not the collectors edition though. It comes with a month of psn and nuketown dlc, I am buying it from Belgium and so I would like to know if I would be able to activate these codes in a Canadian account. I am also wondering if I would be able to buy dlc from a Canadian store and use it with my account if my account is Belgian. Also if I need to have a Belgian account can I change the games a buy (physical and digital) to English as well as the store and UI?

If someone could also answer the questions below I would be even more grateful, thanks in advance guys I am sure I will get good answers from everyone on this forum :)

My list of questions:

- Can I select any language that I want for the UI and games (digital, from any digital store, and physical) or am I stuck to the language in my location (French or Dutch as I live in Belgium)?

- Can I change to whichever store I want (on the same account)? I have an xbox one and on it I can change the region of the console itself and the store and buy anything from any store with any gift card (as long as its of the correct region) and credit card. Could I do this with the playstation or do I have to stick to the store I first select (any one I want) or is it region locked (if I where to go on holiday would it change store and if it did could I buy games/dlc from that store and have it work when I return?

- Can I have one main account with psn that will give the others on my playstation psn as well as long as they are on the main playstation? If this is the case would my main's games (digital that is) and dlc transfer over? Also will the dlc on the main account add on to the other account even if it is from a different store. Say I already have a piece of dlc code that is region locked (if I can't switch stores freely) and I add that dlc unto the other account (that doesn't have psn, if I can do that) and have both of the accounts mix dlc?

- Can I use my psn account in another country for multiplayer and for use in buying games/dlc?

- Is know psn is region locked but say I buy a pass in Belgium and have an English account will it still work (I'm talking about from the digital store).