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Last in a long line of consoles....

So I have decided today that I will no longer purchase anymore Nintendo consoles. If you have read my blog posts it should be relatively easy to see I am steadily losing faith in Nintendo. How long has the Wii been out? It's been 16 months (or 64 weeks) since it's launch. Can you go buy a Wii if you want one? Hell no!!! Can you go out and buy a DS if you want? Not very easily. While more plentiful than the Wii, it still takes some doing to get one. I'm sorry. I just have a hard time believing that for the past 3 years straight you still have a very hard time buying their portable hardware after the holidays. Idea!!! Let's release a few more colors and not make very many!! Great idea......WTF!!!!! I'm just sick of everybody and their brother bugging the ever living crap out of me about getting them a Wii. Just because I work retail I can get everything, right? Wrong!! Even if I could get you a Wii, I wouldn't just because you annoy me to no end. Nintendo has run it's course in my life. Long live the PS3 and the 360!!