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Great....Just great!!!

So I have had a pretty bad run of luck with consoles this generation. I managed to kill 3 Xbox 360s (80 hrs playtime between all 3) and a PS3 (again, about 80 hrs playtime) that I had to have repaired once for YLoD. My Wii on the other hand was the first one I bought out of all of them and is still performing like a standard Nintendo console. I have basically shunned all other consoles that do not carry a Nintendo badge. Call me a fanboy if it makes you feel better. Nintendo has never let me down as far as customer service or reliability of a product are concerned. I have even made it a personal quest to try to collect full game sets for all of Nintendo's cartridge based consoles. This is pretty much an impossible task given the rarity of some games but it has been fun to say the least. I'm about 25% done with the N64 collection and have only been concentrating on that system for a few months. If I don't play them it's okay. I plan on giving them to my son in the next 20 years or so. Who knows how much a full collection for any given console will be worth? Peace...