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A little too easy.....

Ok, so I've had the Nintendo Wii since launch day. I love it and a few of the games that are on it. I really enjoy how different it is compared to any other console that has been released regardless of who made it. Here's my only problem with the console: "The games are too damn easy." I have sat back an watched the big 3 (Mario, Metroid, Zelda) become a former shell of their old brethren. I have competed all 3 with little to no effort. I just walk through them and it pisses me off. Remember when Nintendo games weren't about "casual" gamers? If you don't I implore you to go try the first 2 Prime games on the GC. These games were great as well as harder than hell. I'm just really upset about Nintendo trying to appeal to the masses by forgetting about the people that got them to where the are now. I just think it's pretty bad when the hardest game on the Wii so far that I've played is Guitar Hero 3. I have a feeling my 360 is going to be getting alot more attention in the coming months.