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Great....Just great!!!

So I have had a pretty bad run of luck with consoles this generation. I managed to kill 3 Xbox 360s (80 hrs playtime between all 3) and a PS3 (again, about 80 hrs playtime) that I had to have repaired once for YLoD. My Wii on the other hand was the first one I bought out of all of them and is still performing like a standard Nintendo console. I have basically shunned all other consoles that do not carry a Nintendo badge. Call me a fanboy if it makes you feel better. Nintendo has never let me down as far as customer service or reliability of a product are concerned. I have even made it a personal quest to try to collect full game sets for all of Nintendo's cartridge based consoles. This is pretty much an impossible task given the rarity of some games but it has been fun to say the least. I'm about 25% done with the N64 collection and have only been concentrating on that system for a few months. If I don't play them it's okay. I plan on giving them to my son in the next 20 years or so. Who knows how much a full collection for any given console will be worth? Peace...

I can't quit you......

So I promised myself I wouldn't be suckered into buying another Nintendo console. Well, I guess I was just kidding myself. Nintendo has and probably always will be in my blood. There is just something about those characters and the game play that just keep me coming back for more as much as I'd like to deny it. So here we go Nintendo, bring me my 3DS. I just hope you've worked all the kinks out of the online system unlike the Wii and DS.

Last in a long line of consoles....

So I have decided today that I will no longer purchase anymore Nintendo consoles. If you have read my blog posts it should be relatively easy to see I am steadily losing faith in Nintendo. How long has the Wii been out? It's been 16 months (or 64 weeks) since it's launch. Can you go buy a Wii if you want one? Hell no!!! Can you go out and buy a DS if you want? Not very easily. While more plentiful than the Wii, it still takes some doing to get one. I'm sorry. I just have a hard time believing that for the past 3 years straight you still have a very hard time buying their portable hardware after the holidays. Idea!!! Let's release a few more colors and not make very many!! Great idea......WTF!!!!! I'm just sick of everybody and their brother bugging the ever living crap out of me about getting them a Wii. Just because I work retail I can get everything, right? Wrong!! Even if I could get you a Wii, I wouldn't just because you annoy me to no end. Nintendo has run it's course in my life. Long live the PS3 and the 360!!

A little too easy.....

Ok, so I've had the Nintendo Wii since launch day. I love it and a few of the games that are on it. I really enjoy how different it is compared to any other console that has been released regardless of who made it. Here's my only problem with the console: "The games are too damn easy." I have sat back an watched the big 3 (Mario, Metroid, Zelda) become a former shell of their old brethren. I have competed all 3 with little to no effort. I just walk through them and it pisses me off. Remember when Nintendo games weren't about "casual" gamers? If you don't I implore you to go try the first 2 Prime games on the GC. These games were great as well as harder than hell. I'm just really upset about Nintendo trying to appeal to the masses by forgetting about the people that got them to where the are now. I just think it's pretty bad when the hardest game on the Wii so far that I've played is Guitar Hero 3. I have a feeling my 360 is going to be getting alot more attention in the coming months.

FU Nintendo

Thanks for not making enough product to meet demand with the Wii. It almost seems like you don't want to make any money this holiday season. I swear I have to tell people about 60 times (NOT kidding) a day that we don't have any Wiis on the phone or in person. I know everyone says you have ramped up production, but you aren't doing me any favors. I just get really tired of answering the same questions over and over and over and over and over. "Do you have Wiis?" "When do you get them?" "What time do you get them?" "Can you hold me one?" "Are you gonna have any on this particular day?" People are driving me up the friggin wall. Yes, I do have a Wii. I waited 27 hours in the cold November wind and rain to get one. I love it but damn. People just don't get it. And they act like its my fault because we don't ever have them. It's Darwinism at its best. Survival of the fittest. If you aren't there when they get pulled off the truck, you aren't gonna get one. Bottom line. Why bother calling? By the time you get here their won't be any left.....KMA Nintendo.

Man I wish this were possible

So I was sitting here looking at all of these old games that I have collecting dust. Most are fantastic games. The only problem is I only have room for a couple consoles hooked up to my TV. Since I like to keep things in one spot I was really hoping there would be a way to put all of my old carts on my Wii. Yeah, the Virtual Console is great but I just hate to pay twice for something. I know Nintendo will never allow the public access to any device that does this due to piracy issues but it would really be nice.

Some of my interesting Miis

If you are interested I can send them to you. All were created from scratch by yours truly or the fiance. Here's my list Walter - John Goodman - The Big Lebowski The Dude - Jeff Bridges - The Big Lebowski George W Bush Conan O' Brian Charlie Brown Hitler Roseanne Coming Soon: James Hetfield, Tom Cruise, and anyone else that pops in my crazy head.

9 days, 22hours, 36mins, 16secs til the Wiivolution!!

I am getting really anxious to get this console. I don't know if I can make it 10 more days. The thought of freezing myself has crossed my mind. I just hope I'm not getting my hopes up only to be let down. Nintendo has never let me down, why would they start now? I'll be posting more in the coming days as launch approaches.


I just got this game the other day.  Man, I think it may be better than the Gran Turismo series.  This game is a total blast even with it's unforgiving physics.  That just adds to the realism.  This is a simulation in every sense of the word.  The only thing I wish was is the game was the option to customize your cars.