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Been a while... ya got to say.

Nothing new.

Bored, thought I'd say I'm still alive, and I do come to this site even though a lot of people have quit.

World of Warcraft.

Wow!!!!!!! god, well...

I'm a 67 Mark hunter. I'm so sick of leveling but only 3 more levels to go, haha. I think I might cry when lich king comes out and I have to level to 80. :P

I've decieded...

not to quit, :D, I can't stop coming here, I love this website.


I got Rock Band

a new camera

and DDR Universe 2

and call of duty 4 for christmas today :D

if anyone wants to play rock band message me. :D

Sorry about saying I was quiting, the jeff thing just made me mad, and now I relize it wasn't really what I thought happened, so I am going to continue coming.

Woah! Watch it!

Well! Hello there, haven't posted in a while just because, idk why :P.

School, I had my first day of school today, I'm a sophmore now :P fun fun fun, most of my friends are in at least one of my classes so that is realllllllllllllllllllllllllly good. And I know all my teachers for the first trimester (12 weeks) except one, and the one I didn't know seemed pretty nice. So yeah, this is going to be an easy year for me, all my classes are really easy.

Well gaming wise, I haven't been doing any at all. I switched internet companys, and now I can't get my router to work with my new modem, so I don't know what to do, so I haven't been on xbox live in forever, but I NEED it up and running soon. I have also been broke, so no money to buy Bioshock :(. I did play a little viva' piniata, I think I might get back into my addiction to that game, it's alot of fun.

Wii, yeah, I haven't touched it in forever and it severly depresses me, pokemon sucks, I am going to go pick up metroid soon hopefully, but other wise nope, haven't touched it in forever.

Already said 360 stuff.

DS, nothing

PSP-I really like my PSP for some reason, I don't think I said anything in the last blog, but I actually bought a PSP off ebay, it's in really really good condition, looks like it has never been touched, but I have been having fun with that, but I can't figure out how to get videos on there, if anyone has a easy way please tell me cause I am clueless.

Marching band, yup, marching band is in full swing, I hope to get a video of it up when we get the whole show finished up, it's a pretty amazing show, I really like it.

I got my driver's liscense so that's cool :D

Oh, and ROCK BAND! I am so excited for this game, I allready have my money saved up for it so I am good to go as soon as it comes out. I am buying the whole package thing that comes with everything, this game just looks amazing and looks like so much fun, I can't wait to play it.

Guitar Hero 3, looks really good too, alot of good songs, can't wait, but, nothing can take away from my rock band excitement.

Well, untill next time, PEACE OUT!


Well, today's the day I have been dreading, my friend is leaving my town to move. I am on my way over to his house soon to hang out for a little before he leaves. SUCKS. Ok, enough about that, I have allready posted on this too many times.

I got a new puppy, it's a german shepard black lab mix, it's really cute. (goes and takes a picture).

YEP, that's him.

I also had a suprise going away party for my friend who is moving, we had about 75 people show up which is great and we had 2 bands play. Both did an amazing job. and

I got super paper mario for my wii, finally a new game. Not that great, I hate that they took out the battle system, it should not be called paper mario, otherwise I guess it's an ok game.

I want marching band season to start, I love it cause we get to travel, hang out alot, you make alot of new freinds, it's just a great time, this year we are doing fantasia, can't wait to start, I will hopefully get a good video of our show this year and put it on here.

I got a summer job! In my town a 16 year old trying to find a job is allmost impossible, but I finally got one, I am assembling circuit boards for model airplanes. Kind of boring, but it's a job and will give me something to do and make a little money to add to my car fund.

So close to getting my driver's liscence, damn that paralell parking, just got to touch up on that and I am going to go take my test. Cant' wait for that.

Well, since school got out about 2-3 weeks ago for me, I have done something with someone allmost everyday so far this summer, so I have a feeling this summer will be alot more fun than last summer, plus I get to do a road trip with some of my friends, so that will be fun, can't wait.

Well guys, thanksfor reading, I got to go and hang out with my friend for a while now.

Peace out,


Halo 3

Hey guys, I want to get a group for halo 3 up this weekend and we can play all night have some fun, if you want to join me tell me in a comment on here or send me a PM.


Gerbils and a haircut!

Been a while since I actually posted bigger blog post, oh well, I'll really try to do them more often.

 I got 2 new gerbils, they are pretty cool.

Well, I have been growing my hair out for about 2 years now, and it is just past my chest, so yeah, I am sick of it and I am getting it cut on friday, I might put some before and after pictures up on here, not sure if I want to.

Well, next month is going to be rough, best friend since we were like 5 years old, now 16, is moving to another state, it's like a 7 hour drive, so that's not good.  It's going to be rough at school without him, I'll just have to pull through.

360 update came out today, it won't let me use windows live because I am a "child"...hopefully they update it so it's a parental setting so I can turn it on so I can use it.

allmost level 25, really close.

New emblem for doing the scavenger hunt thing, started my 3rd row.

sorry that was a pretty lame blog post, I don't know, I just haven't been feeling great lately, alot of stress at school, friends, grades, ugh, it sucks sometimes but I just tell myself keep going.

 Thanks guys,


Something you should check out. these guys are my friends from school, you should check out if you like rock, only one song has lyrics at the moment, and that's EAM, I had my friend who sings for them earlier, he said claim to fame should have lyrics soon, well check them out.