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so what about Age of empires ? did it get announced for xbox? is it coming or not? atleast the person who starts this kind of topic should end it as well would not hurt at all?

i would love to see the classic game with mkb support and playing on xbox on a 50inch 4k hdr tv although i dont know that it supports this new stuff but would love to play again!

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Hi to all

I am new to xbox. Hell i am new to console gaming. I bought one S recently and the first thing i came to know is that microsoft is a really bitchy company.

The thing with backwards compatible games and the mode of payment to billing address matching with cc info. Plus u can not pay for bc games through ur gift card money!

So what can i do. I recently posted the same questions here but i thought i should open a new thread for it. Basically the question is if i use the Entropay virtual cc in the payment method will i be able to buy Bc 360 games on the xbox one. Now the tricky thing is that entropay is a euro company plus they dont register the vcc with name address etc which xbox takes seriously for verification.

So again is it a risk or has someone in the us or europe or anywhere else used entropay cards to get Bc games without any problem

Second question can i redeem the games with gold 360 games when i add rhe entropay card.

The confusion is that i know there are cards available which are primarily for the use in usa like offers visa cc that register and xbox then oks them i just dont whether my entropay card will be granted access or not and i dont want to waste my money

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Yea thats good although some microsoft policies are so bizarre that this seems like a good thing when it should never be considered to be anything else

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Whats the point when u can not buy them on xbox one store unless u ahve a Us based cc/dc with Us based address alongwith it as a payment method. Why cant we use our microsoft account balance to buy these games?

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I a new to xbox and here as well so plz ignore if i ask silly questions!

I was wondering as i dont have a us based cc or debist card nor a bank account nor a us address for my billing info, can i use the entropay virtual cc for buying xbox 360 backward compatible games on the xbone oneS? Like as of today or in this calendar has anyone used entropay cc? I am asking this bcz they are based in europe and they dont register the card with the name address routine and all that and xbox live takes that very seriously so will it work or will i rue the decision

I was hoping to get red dead redemption which is under 10 dollars on sale right now and also one can not redeem the free xbox games with gold for 360 titles unless u add a payment method and although i do have cc but i dont have a us cc so will the entropay cc details allow me to redeem the gold games as well and will rhe payment method work