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Yes I AM still alive...

Not dead but not far...haven't been spending much time online for the past couple of months because of university and other activities. For what it is worth, I have passed all my classes this semester. I'm really getting into programming and i'm starting to actually do some on my free time (I have a TONS of game programming books now)...I kept myself busy building levels for Half-Life 2's source engine over the past couple of days. I am now at my parent's house for a few weeks (not because only for the holidays but to save money...let's just say students don't have much spending money...).

I guess i should get you updated on the past few months (I'm just gonna assume people Well, I met a girl, liked her for a little while and then she tried to put a limit on my games (FFXII specifically) so I told her to hit the road (there's plenty more women out there but only ONE FFXII).

I have also had horrible luck throughout with my contact lenses...(I lost 3 pairs of permanent contacts in 2 months...)Other than that it was only the usual routine: Class -> Homework -> Programming -> Relaxing (THC)...

As I mentioned earlier, I have kept an active gaming schedule throughout the semester. I mostly have been playing FFXII (not done getting all the espers yet...), Guitar Hero 2 and Counterstrike Source. I am expecting to receive a WII for christmas

 (if my parents can locate one...even in the middle of butt-**** nowhere here in NB those things are selling like hotcakes (the PS3 is too but to a lesser extent) if not they will give me the money and i will probably end up buying a DS and the New Mario Bros. and spend the rest on my bills (all over due at the well as my credit card (thus my GS account got downgraded) ).

Well this is pretty much all I can say without rambling on... So farewell and Merry Christmas.