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The triumph of the DS

For the first time since I built it my PC was unable to run a game that got recently released (R6: Vegas) due to my video card...Kindove a kick in the arse since I need a X1300 and up to play it because of shaders 3.0 even though my card is clocked at higher speeds and has faster ram than a X1300 or 1600 (I have an X800XL) so it's the first time it doesnt run what i want it to. And thus came to the realization that I will need to upgrade soon...($ i dont have...)

I ended up not buying a WII for christmas....I bought a Nintendo DS Lite (onyx) instead. 

Along with the New Super Mario Bros and Final Fantasy III...So far it's meeting and surpassing my expectations. I have only played with it for about a day so far but i love the feel of an old-school style platformer like the new SMB.