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Starting to get everything on track...

It official! I start university in September. I just enrolled for all my classes online yesterday and applied for student loan (hopefully I get enough to get by without needing my parent's help). I just need to find a cheaper place to stay and work a deal with my landlord to break my lease. I think there's already a place close to the university where I'd be welcome AND I'd be living with three (good-looking) girls. It's not what you think...They have been my friends for 2 or 3 years now and they have an available room in their house. There wouldn't be anything going on between them and me but on the plus side, it would be much cleaner than my bachelor appartment.

On the gaming front, I went to EB games yesterday and traded in Capcom Fighting Crapolution and got a whopping 4$ for it. (what a bunch of thieves....especially when they sell it new for 34 and used for 30...) And got myself a greatest hits edition of God of War (30$ new 27$ calisse de gagne de crosseurs...pardon my fench but it's the best way to put it.). I had already finished it as a rental but it was so good I just HAD to own it.

As for my progression through the Ocarina of Time, I am now about 3/4 done with the dreaded water temple. I just beat the dark link and I'm trying to find the keys to the boss. (took an extra hour yesterday because some f***ing blob ate my blue suit and I couldn't breathe underwater anymore. So I had to run out of the temple and run around to amass 300 rupees to buy another one. But you what?...I actually liked the amount of extra challenge this provided.) So if I can have ONE night to sit down and play the game undisturbed I'll probably finish it.


Just remembered that tonight is the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 4 on Spike. This is the only "reality show" I can watch since there's no voting and only their fighting abilites determines who stays and who goes.This season should be great since instead of newcomers the contestants are all guys who have had a big loss in the UFC from which the haven't fully recovered (rankings wise) and instead of giving out a UFC contract to the winners...they give em title shots! And I also just found out that Math Hughes and Georges St-Pierre are gonna square off again in September...I can't wait! Here's the cast from TUF4: