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It's been a while...

No I am not dead...just very very busy with school, gaming and the ever-lasting struggle to liberate myself from bad habits and influences.

I haven't been on the PC nearly as much now that school started and this has caused me to neglect this blog and pretty much all of gamespot lately....

As for school, it's tough...REAL tough. The fact that I had been out of college for four years is really hurting me right now. I need to relearn most of my math and physics in a hurry to catch up with my classes. I think I should be able to manage it if I keep at it and don't get lazy.

On the gaming front, I recently bought Xenosaga Episodes 2 and 3. I am currently playing through the first episode and intend on working my way through all three. The story is great if you don't mind putting down the controller for 20 minutes at a time during cutscenes.

As for the CDs I mentioned in my last blog (I know it a effin long time ago...), Crisis by Alexisonfire is great and one of their best while Sacrament by Lamb of God seems uninspired save for a few songs.