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I somehow managed to miss two of my favorite bands' new CDs. Guess that's what I get for not watching MTV or MM...

Apparently Alexisonfire released their new CD called "Crisis" and have a single out called "This could be anywhere in the world" and I have to say I like it a lot. I will probably get it later on tonight (the album that is).  Here is a link to the video on YouTube :

The single that really surprised me though was "Redneck" by Lamb of God of their new CD "Sacrament". The video has them being the entertainment for a 4 year old girl's birthday party (you have to see it...

As for Christ Illusion, Slayer's new CD, it lacks originality. There are definitely some solid rifts in there and the songs are unmistakably in Slayer's palette but it doesn't really feel special either. I'll let you know more on these two new CDs as I listen to them.