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Summer Boredom...

Man...can't wait for the summer to be over...Once the summer is over and people start trinkling back down here for school, there should be some friends, non-stuck-up women and people I know around town. Don't get me wrong I have two buds who I hang out with in town right now but for the rest they're all fillers and one of my best friends I haven't seen in about 2 months because of her overjealous boyfriend (not refering to gamer girl) (and yes that's right one of my best friends is a girl...big woop! wanna fight about it? Problem is one of those friends doens't like to go out. The other does but we always end up being stuck with one of two pair of girls (a set of 30 yr olds and another of 18 yr olds) who I am really tired of seeing. Summer in this city makes me feel like an outcast looser... Guess I should go up home for a weekend and hang out with old friends...

PS - on a positive note I got an air conditioner for my appartment and it is nice and cool in there now (compared to it's previous state of relative sauna)

Rock On!!!

Just bought Guitar Hero and the guitar controller last night and it ROCKS!!!...Buddy was dismissive at first when I talked about buying that game yet I bought it, he played it with me for a few hours and then decided to go buy it for himself I seriously need practice with this thing since for now I have problems getting 5 stars on all songs on easy....Practice makes perfect...Oh yeah also won an auction on Ebay for The legend of Zelda:Ocarrina of time for the Gamecube. Should win another for the megaman anniversary collection soon.

Guess it's more than a fad...

Well looks like I'll be doing some old-school gaming for a while...just bought myself Megaman X collection and the 2 Street Fighter collections. On top of that I'm getting my first government paycheck for 3 grand tomorow so games should be abound (just hope I can resist the urge to go out for the next couple of weeks). So the regular Megaman anniversary collection should be mine soon also.

PS- I HATE banks and sincerely hope everyone working in one or affiliated with one will go to hell to be painfully sodomized by hundreds of gigantic demons for eternity... (and I'm being nice here...) (yeah they have been screwing up my paychecks, account balance and rent checks so they can burn in hell...)

PPS- I haven't been writing any reviews lately as I have been trying to compile a personal moves list for Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2, 2 gold, and 3 as they are hard to find lately.


Finally finished Ninja Gaiden...Retro-month is over now. Buddy doesn't seem to believe me but I don't care since it's finished and I can finally move on.

A long undertaking...

I recently decided to write reviews for every game I own. This is not something I'm doing out for rankings but just as a way for me to remember every game and think back about my likes and dislikes and how this helped shaped my gaming tastes today. I won't be able to review all of them as I haven't finished Maximo and the Megaman X collection yet but they should fall as easily as anything else. (Anything seems easy compared to Ninja Gaiden...which I have not yet finished by the way, effectively extending retro-week into a retro-month.) 

This is getting confusing....

OK...So Game-Girl mentioned below has a boyfriend (something I already knew but forgot to add to my last post).Thing is I didn't care because the way she was acting with me Friday told me she didn't much care about it either. But now talking to her on MSN yesterday, after talking to her online, she asks me if I'm being serious with her because she has a boyfriend. (don't worry I got out of that one). But then minutes later asks me if we kissed in front of her sister at the club (that's what her sister said anyway) to which I replied no (frankly I don't remember that myself). It's getting hard to figure out what she wants. In any case that poor bastard (her boyfriend) doesn't stand a chance... I'll try to keep this more game related in the future but a dream game girl qualifies as game related in my book.

Wow....Just Wow....

Met this very interesting girl over the weekend...Got a great bod, dances better than anyone I know and on top of that is almost even more into games than I am...(She goes to anime and game conferences dressed up as FF characters...)And did I mention she doesn't mind kissing another hot girl (might seem sexist but soooo sexy....).I know this is not game related but what are the chances for me to meet a girl like that in this little eastern Canadian town? Hopefully the situation will develop....

Old School Gaming

There is actually a reason why I've been playing and reviewing old NES games and this is because me and and a friend of mine (I actually have yet to find his GS account) decided to dub this week "Retro Week" (6/17/06 to 6/24/06) and dedicate it to old school games we either had never quite finished (Ninja Gaiden) or just wanted to play through again (Super Mario Bros 1 & Mike Tyson's Punch Out!). And yes this craving was caused by all the "20 years of NES" features posted on GS.
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