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What a movie!

As you can see from the poster, I watched "V for Vendetta" last night and I thought it was great. So great in fact that I had to post about it. A lot of movies are crap lately and when I find a good movie I just need to let people know.

The movie had a great mix of action and superb dialogue (sometimes hard to understand as they use a lot of quotes from shakespear and the like...I know what your saying shakespeare in an action movie? Yes and it fits the tone of the movie really well and really gives V a unique feel). The story reminds me of 1984 and Equilibrium (a great book and a great movie by the way) but with a terrorist element.

It's rare that you will see a movie with such good action and that is thought-provoking at the same time. The movie has practically no cliche moments to speak of and has its very unique feel. Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith from the Matrix and Elrond from LOTR) manages to convey a lot through an immobile mask and the lighting in the movie sets a mood like I haven't seen in quite some time.

Anyhow watch it and let me know what you thought. It's not often that I feel this vocal about a movie but this one really stuck with me.

IT is here...

Christ Illusion is out and it's pretty good but it's no Seasons in the Abyss. I only listened to it really quickly and I will let you know what I think once I've had the chance to walk around with it on my Ipod for a little while.

Other than that I haven't been posting or commenting on anyone's blog lately as I've been pretty busy (and hung over) at work.

As for gaming, I at the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time and that's pretty much it for the weekend. I haven't received my Symphony of the Night yet (from EBay) and I'm starting to get impatient. I'm thinking about buying the Wind Waker, Alien Hominid and possibly Ico and Shadow Hearts tomorow but we'll see how much money I have left on my check. Anyhow...I'm off to the Fire Temple!

What a night...

Well I have already managed to break my self-mad promise to stay at home all weekend. I was pressured from all sides to go out last night. My friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go out and already here I was begining to change my mind since I hadn't gone out with her since she moved in with her boyfriend. Then my buddies from home call me up and telling me they are coming down to Moncton. Here I'm already sold on the idea of going out. Everybody ends up here: My 5 friends from up home, the 2 girls, and my 2 other friends (I live in a bachelor appartment). We then head to the club and the night goes on. Me and my hometown friends end up going to the afterhours club. In case you've never been to one of those, lemme give you an idea. It's sleazy, dirty, disgusting and has all the f****d up people in the area gathered under one roof. After that trip through stinking desperate hookers (I'm not saying we picked up a hooker...In fact we were all too drunk to really try and pickup anyone...), we get back to my building and manage to wake up my neighbours at 6AM. And to top this off, I have to give a place to crash for 4 of my friends (they ended up sharing the sofa and floor while I slept comfortably in my Everyone is gone now and I can finally relax and game again.

On the topic of gaming, I got a bit farther along in the ol' Ocarina of Time. Also started playing some Counter-Strike: Source with one of my friends again recently (why did the gamespot contest have to be for US residents only...too much competition for them?

Well I'm getting hungry so I'm gonna go find something to eat for breakfast. (Somehow I think I'm still drunk)...

For this weekend...

Yet another weekend where I plan to stay at home and it's a long weekend here in New Brunswick for New Brunswick day. The only difference is this time even if my friends try to convince me to go out, I won't go far with 2$. So this is the perfect excuse to clean up my apartment (this is a whole day's investment believe me... :? ), finish up my university registration and play some games.

I had been craving to play Zelda Ocarina of Time since I received it for my Gamecube from Ebay (what will all the zelda talks in the forums lately). I wanted to try and finish Vagrant Story before starting it but I cracked last night and started playing Zelda (I never played through be exact the only Zelda game I ever finished is The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.) Zelda and Guitar Hero should keep me busy for most of the weekend and if I get bored I can always pop in Mega Man 3 for some old-school 2D action (never get tired of side-scrollers).

Other than those gaming prospects and my goal to not turn into a drunk jackass this weekend, there is not much going on as the city is pretty quiet as it awaits the arrival of the university students who are gonna start pouring into town in the next couple of weeks. Since I already mentioned waiting for the new Slayer CD in my last blog I think I'm pretty much out of things to say so....I'm out!

Coming Soon...

Less than a week before the arrival of Slayer's new CD "Christ Illusion" ! (8/8/06)

Here's the CD cover (I know it's small)

And check this out too:

Easily offended people are hilarious...

PS- I used photoshack to upload those pics so if you click on em youll be brought to their crappy site (just created a photobucket accoutn so shouldnt have that problem from now on)

PPS - Where the hell did all the tag emblems go?


Have I ever mentioned that I hate banks? I'm pretty sure I did but just in case I'd like to give 'em a big  F*** YOU!...In case you're wondering I got screwed by my student loan payments and service charges that pop up at a different effin date every month (last month it was on the 17th, this month on the about discrepancies....and this is with CIBC one of the largest banks in Canada). So now I wake up this morning and find out there is money missing in my account and that my rent check won't go through. These means I need to use all my lunch time to scramble and find some money to fill that hole before that check goes through.  

To top this off, I come in to work this morning and go in to check on a client (fellow employee...but everyone in IT here calls the people we look after clients) who I'm building a new laptop for (installing software, drivers and configuring remote dial in capabilities etc) to ask him if he still uses any of the three 10 year old applications I found on his old laptop. And he basically tells me to screw off (in gentler words....but meaning the same thing) because he is too busy booking a flight ONLINE! Well guess what...someone is gonna be waiting a long f****** time for his new latop. Heck, he'll be lucky to get it before my contract expires in September.

I have a tip for you guys....Don't piss off ANYBODY that provides a service to you unless you want to see that service being shoved up your a**. You p.o a waiter and he''ll spit in your food, p.o the mailman and your packages will be crushed inexplicably before going to your door and most importantly p.o you network administrator and you can bet your a** that your PC will not be working the way you want (if it is indeed working at all).

Phew!....sorry for the rant but with a day like this (and I'm only two hours into it....), it had to come out. Either that or getting drunk. Oh and by the way I managed to finish Mega Man 2 on the hard difficulty setting last night.

Back to normal...

Well Friday's open bar was nice and so were the clubs...(broke up with a girl I'd seen only a few times only to have her ask me if we could continue on a purely physical level...who could say no to that?!)

Managed to get some gaming done on Saturday and Sunday. I am now in that forest maze in Vagrant Story and getting killed by that damn Acid Dragon (not sure of the actual name but since it's a move called acid breath that does me in every time I'll call him the Acid Dragon). I then decided to finish the original Mega Man for a change of pace. Almost finished Mega Man 2 as well (I'm at the 1st Willy level...Damn you flying green dragon-robot!)

Also managed to watch Monster and Syriana over the weekend. Syriana was good but confusing...I would have to watch it again to fully understand all of the sub-plots and conspiracies. Monster on the other hand was a lot better than I was expecting (I was expecting a movie about a whore changing her ways....boy! what a suprise I had when she starts off on her rampage.)

Not much else worth mentioning xept I finally got my copy of Zelda OOT for the cube in the mail. Also got my Metal Slug X...So for now it's back to work and the regular routine (I really need to get back into the habit of working out....haven't lifted any weights in like three weeks...)and trying to clean my disgusting appartment (finding myself a girl to clean it would be the

PS - Death to Dragons!!!

Taking a break...Update 1

This upcoming weekend should hopefully be a quiet one. As long as I can resist my friend's requests to go out, I should be fine. Last weekend's party drugs got me tired all week. Since I just received my copies of Vagrant Story and Metal Slug X in the mail, I think I'll spend my friday night quietly playing some older classics or finishing up with Killer 7. I really need to get farther in Guitar Hero as well (I'm still playing on medium).  Another possibility would be to play through Prey that's been sitting on my hard drive for a while now. I also haven't played counter-strike in a while. This weekend seems to be full of relaxing potential.I guess I'll ponder this until my shift is over today. But what I am certain is that a little bit of H and gaming is just what the doctor ordered.

Update 1 - Well looks liek the keeping it quiet pklans have failed for tonight at least...Two girls (whom I knew already) invited me to their open bar party tonight. Yes that's right an open bar!...How could I say no? Ah well there's always Saturday and Sunday...

Crazy weekend brought to you by the letter E...

Didn't manage to get ANY gaming done over the weekend (got a few more songs completed with 5 stars in Guitar Hero on medium but thats it {I had to start over cause one of my friends nailed a song I hadn't completed with five stars and I wanted to complete it myself and turned off the PS2 but unfortunately it had started saving to my memory card and corrupted my save file}). Friends convinced me to go out all weekend...It was OK since I hooked up with a chinese (cantonese to be exact) girl on friday and her friend on saturday (great boost to self esteem my friends...) who are 25 and 26 respectively (don't know how I always manage to end up with older women). So even though the weekend was lacking in digital entertainment it was a much needed break and was well-deserved. Also bought an IPod yesterday and it is awesome (compared to my wimpy 64 meg crap I had).

PS - Having to play through all the songs over again on easy in Guitar Hero is plain torture..

About Nothing...

Haven't been posting in a little while (been a little busier at work...hehe). I'm about halfway done with the Mega Man X collection. Also finished Half-Life 2: Episode 1 (too short...). Can't wait for my copy of Zelda Occarina of Time for Gamecube appears in my mailbox. Haven't gone out in a little while nor have I spoken to gamer girl. Have been stayin at home and playing games for the past little while.

PS - See how the title makes sense now?... :-P

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