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PS3, playing more old games

I have a Playstation 3 now, and have rented a few games. I beat God of War 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4. I thought that GOW3 was good, but surprisingly I liked Dante's Inferno a little bit more, and Castlevania LOS as well. I know that they all play about the same, but that's my two cents. I plan on actually writing some in depth reviews for these games for my YouTube people, and my friends on here that like my reviews.

Metal Gear Solid 4 wound up being a little dissapointing for me. I'm not going to ruin anything, but it was pretty cinematic heavy. Maybe I'm just being ignorant, and not appreciating it for what it is, but I remember the old ones having more action and bosses etc. Also I'm a Raiden fan, despite the fact that most people hate him. I never understood the hatred people had for Raiden, and he is a total bad*** in this game. Can't wait for that Metal Gear Rising game.

E3 happened. That's my analysis on it. No big surprises for me. Can't wait for Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, and some other new ones (Over Strike, Darksiders 2, Dead Island). Later everyone, and take care.


Playing through old games

I've decided to start playing some old games again after beating Dante's Inferno and Red Dead Redemption. Currently playing:

1. GTAIV - I had this game for a while, and never played it to the end. I got bored with it early, but going back now.

2. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2) - I never played it after I bought it, and figured...why not?

3. Tenchu Z - One last time to get the last achievement.

4. Dante's Inferno - One last time to get the last achievement.

Red Dead Redemption

I just got this a few days ago and.......holy you know what. This is one of the best games of all time. Review coming soon. Everyone go out and buy this game now. Later.

Stupid People

I'm tired of stupid people that think they're smart because of one reason or another. I'm also tired of people that are close-minded about any given game just because they haven't played anything in the genre. :x