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Hothead Games

Hothead Games needs to make another DeathSpank game. Preferably "The Baconing 2". If I remember correctly, that one even ended on kind of a cliffhanger, so I've been expecting a follow-up forever.

Game length

Gaah, games just get shorter and shorter for each year that goes by, it seems.
Most games used to be like 10-15 hours (except for RPG's which are usually around 30-100 hours depending on the game).
Nowadays, most games clock in at like 5-7 hours and they're still sold at full retail price.

Sure, games have better graphics and stuff, but you still dont feel like you get your money's worth if you finish a game you payed full price for in one sitting.
Like, you will barely have even sat down and gotten into the game before its over. Just having get used to the control scheme, and bam, its done.


Alan Wake

Man, the gaming world needs more games like Alan Wake.

This game was truly a masterpiece. Sure, graphics look a couple of years old, but the game is unique, and story sucks you right in.

Sure, I've always been a sucker for psychological thrillers and the supernatural, but still. The gaming world definitely needs more unique games like this.

Over and out.

What would we do without games?

As topic states, what would we do without games?
Games is a huuuuge part of my life, and I couldn't live without them.

Played since I was like 12 years old or something and I'm now 25.

It's sad to hear about all that rage against videogame violence etc, I mean if the violence and blood etc is needed, it should be there. It's not like they censor it on tv or movies. And a great videogame is kind of like a great movie, only you get to participate in it.

Okay, nuff said. Time to make some dinner :D