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Indie Games

Xbox has done one thing right, but also wrong at the same time. It's open the door for indie developers to make money and get their games out there for the public to play. However in the same breath, it lets you know that indie games aren't of the same caliber or worth as the XBLA games. Take Wasteland 2033, I discovered this game while bored looking for any new DLC, the idea of another L4D game sounded promising and at 80msp it's worth a demo at least. The game is ugly, the models are terrible, controls are pathetic; and yet this game has been a ton of fun. No chievos to play for, no leaderboards to worry about, and no real plot or reason to play and yet it's a fun game. Zombie estates is another gem that you'd never hear about unless you go looking. Microsoft should give some kind of indication that the games are there, that their actually worth playing, hell advertise them a little bit, give them 50 achievement points to play with. The point behind this blog is for people to actually go out and look for them, Joy Joy is an unbelievable twin stick shooter, wasteland 2033 is an ugly but fun zombie fps, shoot1up is a 2D spaceship game like from the old days. (A lot of the games on indie are pretty terrible, not trying to say they're all great.)