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Random thoughts

Been meaning to post something for a while. Not sure who cares or who will read it, but I feel like I should put my thoughts down somewhere. Anyways, here goes....

Motion controls: haven't been impressed with my Wii since I bought it, why do the other 2 feel it was necessary? Yes I know the answer to that question is 'truck loads of money' and creating the Casual gamer crowd. The PS Move shows most promise for being the Wii but in HD and being 1:1 with the Wii requires the Wiimotion Plus. The Kinetic just looks stupid and like it wont work very well. PS already had the Eye Toy on the PS2, so its nothing new. The games look terrible, and playing anything other then horrible mini games would be impossible. Plus if the rumors are true that you can't sit down and use it, that means that even everyday use of stuff like Netflix is out for most people. Don't know about most people, but I'm not standing up to browse the Netflix catalog. Hellz no! I'm too lazy for that.

3D gaming: Promising. Probably the way of the future. Key word being Future. Ps4, Xbox 720, Wii HD, but not now. This generation was really coming into its own and theyre confusing the hell out of it by mixing up motion controls and 3D gaming. Plus, how many people have a 3D tv? I just bought a new TV a few months ago but decided to forgo the extra $1000 to get my tv in 3D. When I dont need to wear the stupid glasses, nor do I get the headaches, then we will talk. Until then, what we have now is just fine.

Castlevania: Lord Of Shadows: up until IGN and GS reviewed it, it was receiving 9+'s all around the board. Then IGN and GS give it 7.5's. I'm one who definitly reads reviews and who takes the opinions of others to heart about games. I dont have a lot of time for games now that I'm married with 2 kids and a mortgage, and even less time to waste on crappy games. But those 2 reviews hasnt hurt my hype for this game. This is my #1 game of the year. When I saw this game at E3 I couldnt wait to get my hands on this game. It looks so sweet, and I couldnt care any less that it looks and plays like God of War. I love GoW and I think this is the perfect game to break me into Castlevania. I never really played Castlevania before. I played Super Castlevania recently and loved every minute of it. I want to play through many of the others, mainly the GBA/DS 2D games. But Castlevania or not, I'm very hyped for this game and can't wait. Only 4 more days.

Bobby Kotick: Where are the stock holders to kick this guy out? He just says stuff now on a daily basis to stir up the crowds. Ignoring him is the best thing to do.

3DS: Yes I know that the yen price translates to $300, but I dont think it will be that much $250 at most, but even still, thats beyond my price range. Ill pass till it drops. Sad, because I wanted one real bad, but thats home console price. $200 was my limit. Games do look amazing. Cant imagine how long the battery life will be with pumping out console graphics.

Thats all for now I guess. Anyone who reads this, thank you for reading my quickly jotted down thoughts and notes.

The Perfect Score

Well it finally happened, a perfect score on GS, yea i know that Tony Hawk 3 got it, but that was utter BS, and no one really thinks that. GTA4 is the first game to actually deserve it. im picking up my copy as soon as i get off work in an hour, and i cant wait. after reading the review and watching last nights gameplay preview im even more excited.

if Bets was still around last night and the next few days would be Insane!! makes me really miss all the fun we had in that thread and just how great it really was. so to all the 'mobsters' still residing on gamespot, thanks for the memories and laughs, Bets Forever!!


well ive pretty much stopped coming to this site lately. i havent even been in the forums threads for a while now. the ony reason im still coming is to check on review scores for games. otherwise i avoid this place now. theres no point in going to the threads, its all the same crap anyways.

ive been playing some smash bros, single player only because my internet connection sucks where im at right now, but i move into my new apartment this weekend so hopefully this will be some online smashing going on soon ;). i went through the single player mode, the space thing, i was actually pretty impressed. i liked choosing your character from groups of people instead of using the same person the whole time, i gave me a feel for some of the other fighters and got me using some of them. metaknight is pretty good, and im very surprised with the pokemon trainer, i like him a lot. i still use pikachu primarily, but now i do alternate. i was also surprised at the length of that story mode, it took me a little over 8 hours to do, i didnt rush.

its sad not seeing everyone on a daily basis anymore, or at all for that matter. i cant remember the last time i talked to deadman. :( :cry: so the mob has gone their seperate ways and hopefully onto to better things, yet here i still linger, a prisoner of this site, since i cant find a site better than this one. although i saw recently that Jeff G is starting his own site, its up and pretty basic right now from what i understand, but that seems promising. hopefully itll be good enough to move to and ditch this place.

well i guess thats all for now. im gonna start packing my stuff, i move on saturday. later guys.

bets 4ever :D

The end of something great.....

Well they finally found a way to end us for good. System Wars Bets is no more. it was awesome while it lasted, almost 8 months, atleast at the point i got there. it was more then just people making bets, it was a hangout, and a fun place to be. some of the best stuff was off-topic stuff. ill never forget the all out character brawl that me, deadman, and supermario had one day, spanning like 8 pages. :D

it was a lot of work and very professionally done, but we did it, and made it work. i sucks to see that all taken away by people on a power trip that dont want us there. the community was very good at supporting us and keeping that place going, if it werent for them, we wouldnt have been there in the first place.

many of the members have already left and moved on to other things, but i dont know what ill do yet or where ill go if i go anywhere. yes gamespot has royally screwed me over in recent months, by destroying its great staff out of greed, destroying system wars bets, and just all around letting this site go way down hill in quality. this used to be an amazing place. ive been a member here for 4 years, and a constant visitor for 2 years prior to that. ive seen a lot here, a lot of big moments, flops and high scores, all the E3 coverage, and many other things. this used to be the place where id get all my gaming news because they used to be so in depth and quick. but now i see it in a shambles.

not sure what ill do yet, but one things for sure, its only getting worse. :(

to all the members of the bets thread, i had the best time with you all, it was fun while it lasted, and it may have only been some stupid online forum, but enjoyed talking and joking with you guys everyday. maybe we'll all meet up somewhere else one day and do it again. ;)

*edit* heres the comment i was posting to KC's blog, till i figured out that 'someone' locked it.

its obvious we got deleted and turned in because the mods didnt want us there anymore bugging them. Casey can play good cop and make it seem like its not his fault, but didnt do anything to help us out either or keep us informed about why we were being taken down. 8 months we lasted and Now we get something from legal department. something isnt right. after all the PM's and him ignoring us i think hes as much a part of this as you know who.

whatever, its over, were done, hope the mods are happy now. system wars turned to crap long before we got kicked out anyway. thanks Sub for the wonderful remodeling, you did a fabulous job

Random thoughts of the week

Itss been a long while since ive made a blog, and ive had lots of things ive wanted to write whole posts about.


this past week was the end of HD-DVD. something i was following closely. i have the HD player for the 360. it was good, had many problems. noticed it had many flaws. had a hard time reading the disks sometimes. also it was veryslow. fast forwarding was very hard at times, it just took a long time to process the function. i really dont care that it failed, i have a ps3 now as well, so i had both. but i do have about 15 HD movies. all really good movies, so i wont be trading them in.

im surprised all this happened so quickly. as soon as Warner announced they were dropping it, the rest of the dominoes fell. merely days later Universal and Paramount dropped as well, being the last 2 supporters of HD. then about a week later Walmart decided to go bluray exclusive, then finally Toshiba drops the bomb of not making them anymore, and that was the end of that. bluray is the better technology anyway. it wasnt better for quality, but it was better for speed and spacing. and now even microsoft is going to be releasing a bluray add on for the 360. :roll: they caved in quick.


as some of you know ive recently bought a ps3. i like it, in fact im really impressed with it. the quality is great, user interface is very good, just like my psp. ive already customized it to my liking. ive even used the keyboard and mouse when playing UT3, and it is most impressive, once calibrated, it was just like playing on the pc.

at first i was very against the ps3, never liked sony. the only reason i bought a ps2 was for the exclusives. mgs, god of war, gta, otherwise i got everything on my xbox. the same was to be for my ps3. but im finding i like it very much and will probably get many games for it. ill still primarily use my 360, but i have a feeling ill use the ps3 more then originally planned.

its funny, everyone is saying 'the ps3 will rule in 08' and 'ps3 will start selling well in 08',all the while i laughed at them and theyre believing that on january 1st everyone will go out and buy a ps3. bu the truth is, thats practically what i did. i bout it on like the 5 or 6th on ebay for a great price. its the 60gb, and i couldnt be happier. guess i got owned. :( all well, now i have all 3 :)


well today was microsofts GDC keynote, and as i expected, they had nothing. sure they showed a video for NG2, and it was great, but it wasnt enough. i was happy to see the June release date at the end of the video though. they talked about Fable 2 and the co-op ability. thats cool, just as long as we get everything that they promised to us in the first Fable this time around, ill be happy. there was no Banjo 3 showing, which is beginning to worry me, but i think theyre just saving that for E3.

they showed a teaser for Gears 2, and i really don think i could have cared any less. in my opinion, th 1st was an over-hyped piece of trash just like Halo. i have much respect for Epic because of Unreal Tournament, and i though that Gears had a lot of promise to it, but i know i felt verylet down. maybe its because im not a big XBL multiplayer kind of guy, maybe that why i feel the same way about Halo. im more of the story and single player experience kind of person, and i feel cheated by both games because all they did was really focus on multiplayer and not give a damn about the single player side of it. but i have played both games multiplayer, and i can say, that im still not impressed, especially with halos multiplayer. maybe i just don see it, but whatever. moving on...

i am starting to get tired off microsoft all together. 2 1/2 years and still no solution for the RRoD. i fear for my console everytime i turn it on. this is technically my 4th. 1st one dies 6 months after a day one release purchase. 2nd they sent to me in exchange for te 1st, this one was more messed up then the one i sent them. #3 survived for a lone time. i sold it to my cousins because i wanted to upgrade to the HDMI systems last september, most wouldnt count that one, but, 6weeks after i sold it to them, it died. so now im on #4, surviving since september, luckily. im really believing they dont care at all anymore, and we the idiot consumers keep eating up their BS. but i think theyre starting to see a decline with many people switching to ps3. so hopefully that will put their grapes in a vise and do something about it.


cant complain, loving it. playing MP3 right now, and addicted as hell. cant wait for Smash, and Mario Kart. want No More Heroes bad, other than that, its doing great. although sadly i dont think that will last unless they start releasing more appealing games. 3rd party support sucks, and i believe if No More Heroes fails in sales, 3rd party developers will be even less inclined to make new and original games for the system. so well see how that goes in the coming months.


thats all for now i guess. ;)

Do you consider youself an honest person?

The question arises from certain situation i found myself in the other day. now lets just say 'hypothetically' speaking, you walk into Gamestop looking around for something new. you look around at the games for the systems you own, seeing whats new, whats come down in price, or , if your a collector like me, anything just interesting and out of the ordinary that and unique and rare. you wander over to the 360 section and look around at the used games to see how badly they rip people off by only taking off $5 of recent releases that are used. now, before i started my new job at the airport, i worked at Gamestop for a total of 2 non-consecutive years, i know the operation inside and out, how things are supposed to be done, and how not to do things, and when something just isnt right.

so back on track, you wander into the used 360 section, you see some decent things, things you dont own, and want to play. you see 3 used copies of Mass Effect, 2 normal copies, and one Collectors Edition copies (the big metal tin). you pick you one of the normal editions to just look at the box, when you notice a funny thing about box behind the one you just picked up, it has no price labels on it, the yellow ones that are supposed to be in the top right corner and on the spine. you pick it up, because youre curious about the game anyway, youve been interested in playing it, but didnt want to buy it just yet for whatever reason. and when you pick it up you notice something funny, its heavier that the boxes usually are. stealthy like Sam Fisher you slightly pull the middle edges of the case apart, just enough so it doesnt open all the way and make that loudish snap noise when you open a case then have all the people staring at you like youre an idiot for opening the cases when you know damn well theyre empty. when down through the crack you opened you see the almighty disk :shock: still in the case and on the floor.:o

its obvious what happened was the game got traded in, got mixed up in a stack of 'put-backs' and the person was too lazy when they saw there was no stickers, because it was behind the other copy of the normal edition. and as we all know its not uncommon to see a Gamestop employee thats not only not paying attention, but also too lazy to check anything. :P so now they screwed up and left this very desirable game, unsealed, on the floor, and both of them are busy at the register with no one walking the floor or paying attention.

what would you do? would you quietly take it and keep for yourself since they made the mistake of leaving it on the floor, or would you tell them and help them out?

Sleeping With The Enemy.

not really. but recently i bought a PS3 :shock:. after all the trash i used to talk about it, i finally got one. i never really hated the console, i didnt like it, and i thought it had many problems, but sony has spent a lot of time listening to people and fixing those problems and giving the users what they want. i bought a used 60gb on ebay real cheap, and i have to say, i couldnt be more happy with it. ive already customized it and got all my settings to where i want and its good. but the part im most impressed with was the support of a mouse and keyboard. thats awesome. thats the number one reason why i buy my big FPS games on a computer, like UT3.

i rented UT3 for the PS3 to try it out, at first it didnt work very well, the aiming with the mouse seemed clunky and very off, then i found the settings for the mouse and keyboard, which also suprised me. i knew the system supported them, but i didnt think sony would go real in-depth in their use, but i was wrong. i was able to customize and calibrate it till the settings were perfect for me. that scores big points in my opinion. i wish i had those kind of options on 360.

then i tried out the Playstation Store. its pretty good, somewhat similar to XBL selections. downloaded the Burnout Demo. only thing weird was it had to install the demo after it was downloaded, no big deal though.

i didnt get to really check out the online to check for lagging and quality yet because i had to have it sent here at my parents house since my uncle lives out in the boonies with a po box, i wasnt taking the chance. so ive only tested it on a sd tv, not my 1080p samsung. but i got an hdmi cable for it, and have no doubt it will continue to impress me.

the other thing i like is, that i no longer have to be jealous about how good games like kz2 and mgs4 are looking, cause now i can have them all :D. i dont have any games right now, i wanna get R&C, its one of the main games i wanted. but overall the system impressed me very much, with all the customizing options and sony making an honest effort to support the system and what the fans want, unlike freaking microsoft, who still cant fix the RRoD and charge $50 for XBL, im getting tired of their ****. im not abandoning them just yet, in fact most of my games i will continue to get on 360, the PS# is really for exclusives only, like my ps2 was. but maybe in the future ill get more and more on my ps3.


well i got suspended for the first time in a long time. i posted up one of my Random Comics posts up in the bets thread. :D yea i did it on purpose to spite the people trying to bring us down. :P dont really care. i did lose points though, that made me mad. :evil: but i knew what i was doing. this whole thing is stupid and i know will blow over in time, if we dont get unstickied. but i dont see the big deal, the thread will still be there, and will all of us posting in it all the time, its bound to be near the top, thats just my thoughts.

if this is taken away from us for good, then i can easily say im done here. its really the last thing thats left here. i first came to this site when i stumbled upon it and saw it had great new, previews, reviews, and screenshot. that was 2001 or 2002. a lot has changed since then. its not the same site anymore, and its all for the worse. i have no faith in it anymore. the worst part is though, i dont see any other site coming close. so really i dont know what to do. even in the shambles that this site is, its still better than the other crap out there.

for now ill try to keep quiet and go along with all the BS, but i can only do so much. i fight for things i believe in, and the bets thread is one of them. i wont sit quietly for long. i may be seeing more of these suspensions soon. :( all well

It's gonna get ugly

wow!! at exactly 6:30 (my time) the forums were completely shut down. in system wars alone there were many thread talking about jeff, what do we as a gaming community do from here, what sites do we go on from scores from here, the problems with gamespot, and a porn suicide thread that was a little more on the disturbing side:?.

its gonna get bad from here. over the past 24 hours its gone from a war about consoles to a war about which sites can we trust now. i dont think gamespot saw this level of outcry coming when they made their decision reguarding edios and jeff. if they thought about this then they wouldve turned down the money, which i dont believe can be that high an amount anyway. theyve already lost subscribers im sure of it, so theres already money lost, plus people leaving, there goes site traffic which will drive down advertising money. things are going to get bad, they are already getting there. the bets thread is in mild jeopardy since GS scores will probably not be considered valid anymore in the eyes of many people, including myself.

i dont want to leave here, but i fear there isnt much more to stay for other than the thread. its a lot of fun and i enjoy doing it, but what else is there now. maybe just screen shots and videos, but that i can find elsewhere. i cant trust the reviews anymore, or even the previews, because now a game will get hyped because of marketing, then recieved a purchased score and its not right. i think for the most part im done with gamespot. its sad. ive been here for almost6 years (havent always been a member till they started requiringit to view videos, or atleast at that time they did). hope things either get better or a big change for the better comes.

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