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PLEASE!!! Buy The Orange Box!!!!!

i know, i know, you just got halo3, Cod4 and Masseffectare just around the corner, BUT PLEASE DONT LET THIS GAMEGO THROUGH YOUR RADAR WITHOUT A BLIP!!!!!

Valve has created one of the biggest and best values in video game history, and it would be a SHAME if it didnt do well and cancel out future projects like these.The whole package just feels like a thank you to gamers from valve. you have ONE of the greatest single player games of all time in HALFLIFE2, both of its episode, an AMAZING puzzle game in Portal and a fantastic Multiplayer game in TF2.

and looking at my friendslist and majornelsons list of xboxlive games for the week, found HERE, many people are still hung over from that party with master chief ignoring this great package, PLEASE dont ignore great games PEOPLE!!!


i just got it a few days ago, i was too busy playing halo3 to blog it, so here it is!!!!! (for people who doesnt know, its 5 kills within 4 seconds of each other)

heres my character, rogue helmet and hayabusa shoulders, i dont like the hayabusa helmet

and this is me just fooling around getting my way to a lvl 39!!!! WOOO!! COMMON 40!!!!

NINJA GAIDEN 2!!!! its finally here!!! (long post with pics 56k)

For a lot of people, it was Halo that defined the xbox1, but atleast for me, not until i played Itagaki's Masterpiece NINJA GAIDEN did i feel that my money was justified. it was a pure hardcore old school gamers dream. Perfect controls, Amazing graphics, BONE CRUNCHING difficulty that made you feel like youve achieved something. And after remaking the game twice and one on the ps3, THE TRUE SEQUEL is coming out EXCLUSIVELY on the 360 (published by Microsoft) !!!! this will define my 2008!!!

the pics are kinda cut off here, go to this thread, to see the full pics,

WHY Halo is better than GEARS......

watch this video carefully

the Bullet lagisnt THAT BAD for everybody, that guy was over doing it, but its still a problem. i just really hope EPIC puts client side hit detection in gears2, because that is the ONLY PROBLEM IN THE GREAT GAME THAT IS not bashing gears Its one of my favourite games ever, but HALO MP > gears MP (at least until epic does something)


10000 KILLS in GEARS!!!!!!!!

i finally got it!!!!!!!!!!!!! the pic u unlock is just mind blowingly insane!!!!!!!!!! it took me months of trying, and i finally have it. if anyone else has it, plz postthe date u got it in, i wanna see how many ppl got it before me. heres my new sig. rate it 1-10, i think its pretty sweet.


since people are trading accounts and what not to get the pic, "seriously.." has lost its meaning so i am changing my pic......people are just depressing....sigh