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If you're a fan of the Japanese era/setting (like moi) then i don't have to say anymore.

but if you haven't played many strategy games, then..well let's talk about that.

the game is split into 2 modes, Real time battle and Turn based mode

you can go the whole entire game without going into battle mode,

but it gets boring.

Strategy gmes aren't usually like this.

Command and Conquer: real time shooting/command troops

Civilization: Create an empire and take over the world

Total War: turn based/real time battle.


so if you like the whole idea, then yeah this game is most definitly for you.

but if not..then you might want to try a game like Way of the Samurai. (which is just a hack and slash)

which are set in the Sengoku era and such. but if you don't mind controlling people/armies..then sure!

watch some Gameplay and then decide for yourself. :)

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Total war is a hard series to get into, i played Empire when i was about 14 and couldn't get into it,

couple of years later, IM LOVING IT and playing it non-stop and just ordered Shogun 2

you don't have to play any of the other games to get into it (though they are all awesome and highly encouraged)

Shogun 1 (the first game in the series) is a great game, but the graphics are..eww. but it's what made the series.

the same clans from this game are in it. and it's got a great historical reference.

it's split into 2 types of Gameplay, you have the turn based regular mode, where you tell your armies where to go, and what cities to manage and such (the Economy mode per say), then you have the mode where you command hundreds of units across a single field (Battlemode)

all of the TW games are like this. you can play the whole entire game however without going to battlemode with "auto resolve" mode, where the game can just determine whether or not you win based on army size and luck. it's a great series! but that's my opinion.

it's not like Civ or C&C. (2 of my favorites). but it's great in it's own way. if you're into Japanese feudal history, this is the game for you! if not..well you might want to look elsewhere. TW has other games as well, Medieval,Rome and Empire.

if you're into 17th century american revolution stuff: Empire

horses and knights in shining armor: Medieval

Roman history: Rome.

it all depends on your interest, this is one of the best! but it's understandable if you're not into Japanese history.

but if you DO like the gameplay/setting. then grab the GOLDEN edition. (of any game really) it's got all the expansions and junk.

again, it all depends on your interest :) (oh and budget that too.)

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Sorry in advance, if there is already a topic on this or it's in the wrong place, but if anybody can help me, i'd be oblidged, (this is my first forum post here btw)

Computer type: Windows Vista Home Premium

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00Ghz 3.00Ghz

memory (RAM): 2.00GB

System: 32 bit

Video card: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT

Disk Space: more then enough.

yeah it's a relic i know, i've been able to run Shogun 1 and Empire/napoleon on here though, so i know i can PROBABLY run it on low

but i'd like to get a second opinion and know if i need to upgrade anything. :)

any information/advice would be appriciated. thanks. :)

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XGRA, that game is amazing! despite what people say..and has such a great soundtrack,

another underated one is probably

BURNOUT, the whole entire series itself never lived up to needforspeed fame, but it holds a place in some gamer's hearts. (revenge is my favorite. :) paradise is second.).

as far as any other series/games..i can't really think of anything.

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he hosts giantbomb on youtube.

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(read my brink review if you want to hear my sad tale) after beating brink 3 months before the dlc finally came out i thought all right more reason for me to do "parkour gunfights" i download ( 2 hrs 574 MB) i play it I BEAT IT IN AN HOUR. i was highly disappointed..nothing really changed 2 new costumes..2 new maps..some new abilites which take forever to unlock and weapon attachments which don't do much to save your butt ( BTW new maps..DON'T AFFECT THE STORY AT ALL EVEN IF YOU'VE BEATEN IT.) trust me it's just wasted are better off leaving the ark in the dust.

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I LIKED THE OLD SIMS 2 ENGINE I HATE THIS NEW ENGINE THEY'RE USING!.. sorry for yelling but i wanted to make a point..i was hoping it would be like the sims 2 not the sims 3 (which half of the hardcore fans know was a big dissapointment) but will wright musta lost his mind switching to this new crappy engine..the sims is nothing like it was back then..honestly im hoping this will be a big flop or get cancelled..SORRY BUT i've lost all respect for the sims after playing sims 3..srry agn.(and i know we have to move forward and times change i understand completely but this is crazy it's supposed to be a simulation of life NOT PAST LIFE. honestly im crying right now over what's become of our beloved sims series. besides didn't age of empires and civilzation already do this??) thumbs up if you agree with me.:) thumbs down if you think im crazy :(

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both games are practicly the same (prototype and infamous)..just two different plots..i just wish they had extra costumes or somethin..just to change the appereance though..but both of them look awesome..but cole needs to grow some hair..or a change of clothes..but all in all it looks kickass! but i'd go with prototype..

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the only complint i have is most of the good songs for gta4 are downloadable though lost and the damned...which is only for xbox360..:(

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man how awesome would it be if the ps3 was only $50 and this game free with purchase?..that would be a dream come true..looks sick though..and fun!