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Spore review.

ok so i was about to post the spore review..BUT IT PRINTED THE FIRST HALF ONLY. so i deleted it. sorry didn't want to get flagged and didn't want to write it again..maybe in the future guys! but if you are really interested in the game..TRY IT. you won't be disappointed,:)

but in the future expect a review. i promise!

Reviews i want to get accomplished!

#1: army of two/army of two the 40th day.

#2: call of duty world at war (THE ONLY CALL OF DUTY I PLAY)

#3: any stronghold game (i have all but 3 and im a huge fan)

#4: fallout 1&2 (i have to get them installed first. again had to reset computer)

#5: SPORE (my favorite game ever!)

#6: skyrim (i have it but i don't know if i want to do a review on it, i mean i like it but i'd have to write A LOT)

that's all at the moment.

IM BACK (after a long hiatus)

so let's get back to work, i have a WHOLE new list of games im ready to write reviews for!

and i don't know if im gonna stick with the whole "good and the bad" thing. well i'll see how it plays out. looking back i think the whole list thing was a little that im older i'd like to take a different it's been so long.

im all done with the sims (had to reset computer in 11)

so no more of that. look forward to more reviews in the future!


things i like and dislike, (gamewise) (in no order)

things i like:

types of games that i like

1. racing

2. fighting

3. sandbox

4. adventure


6. actionhackandslash

7. shooters

8. anything but football,hockey,baseball.

things i dislike!:

1.COD fanboys or anything having to do with COD

2. MMORPGS games that don't have any type of board.

4. rockband

5. x-box.

more later on. :P

why i don't have many reviews (including fallout 3) and why i do this.

i've been very busy for one thing and i only did pointlook because it was the only one that i actually enjoyed (there i said it) lol anyway but i'll try to get some more reviews out..why you wonder am i doing this BECAUSE I AM A SERIOUS GAMER i only tell my honest opinions about a game even if i had a gun to my head i still would still be people need to know the truth about some of the so called great games..and you people need to hear about some REAL great games that have been lost (daggerfall,diablo 1,etc)..anyway you get my point. i know we all have opinions but hear me out. :)

reviews i hope to get accomplished.

MORTAL KOMBAT VS DC, FALLOUT 3, (might try the sims 2 again but i doubt it (it didn't show up :( ) ) A WHOLE TRUCKLOAD OF PS2 GAMES..SAINTS ROW 2 maybe..GTA4...SPORE...and a lot more. :)

how i run things.

i do reviews a diffrent way then most people would expect. i do it in a top 10 list,pro and cons sorta thing..idk.