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Summer Physical Training

Today was the first day of unofficial PT for NJROTC in the Summer. But the thing is, only 3 other cadets showed up. Our so called "commander" who went to the Naval Academy for a few days and came back, showed us some of the exercises that he did, but of course we slowed it down a bit. He also told us about all the "fun" he had staying with Naval Midshipmen. After a whole bunch of laps, and dozens of pushups and sit ups, all I want is a huge gallon of gatorade. You know, the one they sell at Wal-Mart. I forgot how many ounces but I know it's a lot. :)

Also I changed my blog header. Yes I know, again. It was made by OhhSnap50893. I got it at the Nintendo Paradise Union where Snap is the leader and I'm also an officer in. I don't mean to advertise anything, but that union is now closing in on 600 members and now has an officer contest where anyone can sign up, so check it out.

P.S. OhhSnap said he would give me 25 cents if I said all that. :D