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New Banner and more exams

Well I have my new banner. I wasn't sure if the old one was "suitable". What do you think of it? Give some opinions. I would like to thank OhhSnapp50893. If anyone would like a new banner, sig, or icon, then you should join the Fantasy Designs union where there are many people like Snap willing to make stuff. Also, I'm having a hard time on deciding on what icon I should have so don't think anything is wrong if you keep seeing me with switching icons.

Today I took my Spanish Regents exam which is a New York State exam. 20 minutes after the test started, the teachers came to a startling conclusion. Apparently some bright teacher gave out copies of the old 2005 Regents exam which meant some people were taking the wrong exam. So we had to waste time and start over. The test really wasn't that hard. The only problem was during the listening portion of the exam where you need to listen to the teacher reading a passage, she was talking 100 miles and hour and I ended up guessing on some questions. I think I passed though. I have another test next week Wednesday which is 3 hours long.