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Navy cadences and a New Sig

(That's not us btw. But it is a nice pic)
Today I got the oppurtunity to be the lead the cadence calls for the other cadets during NJROTC PT. It was my first time shouting out calls and it was pretty fun hearing them shout back the calls. But of course I forget most of the words and ended up making up a few lines myself. It was fun and I'll look forward to doing it again. Some of them were prettu funny. Here are some of the calls that I was shouting:

I had a dog whose name was Blue,
He wanted to be a SEAL, too!
So I bought him a mask and four tiny little fins
Took him to the ocean and threw him in
Blue came back to my surprise
With a shark in his teeth and a gleam in his eyes.

Now Superman was the man of steel,
But he aint no match for a Navy SEAL.
Now Chief and supe, they got in a fight:
Chief hit him in the head with some kryptonite.
Supe fell to his knees in pain--
Now chief's dating Lois Lane.

Well Chief and Batman had one too,
Chief hit him in the head with his shoe.
Hit him in the temple with his left heel,
Now Chief's driving the Batmobile.

Well, I don't know but I've been told
Those Navy wings are made of gold.
I don't know but it's been said
That Air Force wings are made of lead!

Birdie birdie in the sky
Dropped some whitewash in my eye.
I won't fuss and I won't cry--
I'm just glad that cows can't fly.

I think the reason why I forgot some of the words was because I was busy thinking about other things...

Or maybe because it was boiling outside. :P

I also have a new sig. It was made by BassBoy45. What do you think?